dinsdag 26 november 2019

Color and Light

Lots of grey skies surrounding Pale Rose cottage, but inside on our nature table, there is light...

maandag 11 november 2019

St Martins Day

Happy St Martins Day everyone, our lanterns are already shining on our naturetable. Hopefully there will be singing children at Pale Rose cottage’s door...

dinsdag 29 oktober 2019

Happy Wedding day Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad’s wedding anniversary again & what a fantastic thing to celebrate!! Such a lovely couple they make, just like these tiny gnomes :)

zaterdag 26 oktober 2019

Almost Halloween

It’s almost Halloween, and what a scary past few weeks we’ve had. Luckily Mom is doing ok now, on the mend and life at Pale Rose cottage is pretty much back to normal...

zaterdag 21 september 2019

First day of Autumn

First day of Autumn, what a beautiful day it’s been. Besides the sunshine we are also very happy by mom’s progress. As you Dear friends may know she’s had the surgery a couple of weeks ago.

vrijdag 9 augustus 2019

Handpicked Blackberries & Cherries

During a walk we passed a bramble bush & to our suprise and delight it was full of blackberries! What a treat, our Empty lunchbox was soon filled with beautiful berries & it was difficult not to eat them straight away ;)

vrijdag 26 juli 2019

A Clean Kitchen Cooks Happy Meals

We had a big summerclean of Pale Rose cottage this week. We have the big cleaning days every season beside the normal routine. But it was trying this time as we had 40 degrees Celsius weather, two feverish spinning fans & still felt like we where getting cooked or perhaps baked while doing the kitchen...
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