woensdag 12 september 2012

Bargello Quilt

I am a quilter. It's something I'm a bit proud of too and I find myself mentioning it to people all the time... is that silly of me? I have been a quilter for some years and made a bunch of small different quilts. To hang on the walls of Pale Rose. My interest with quilting began when my mom made a small babyquilt out of my old baby clothes/fabrics. It was a wonderful result apart from the emotional value it held for both her and me & I was eager to try and make one myself.

Which I did years ago and I never stopped making quilts. The first one I made was out of all squares in red and blue. Then I made a Log Cabin & later one with stars. The sky is the limit where quilts are concerned. I have been busy again with fabric these past few weeks. Going through my pile, assorting collors. Dreaming up creations, if you are a quilter too then you probably get the picture ;) Hours of fun just thinking about the process and later gettng your hands onto it, just wonderful.

So I went to the library a while ago, to see if they had some good quilting books and they had this one book called Bargello Quilts. In wich you make quilts with flowing lines, made out of small different sized sqaures and rectangles. It all sounds complicated but is not really. If you make a simple one like I did for a first. I had never tried this method and it was something I longed to do.

I made it using some "unsuitable" fabric I got from Patricia. It's all the same material in 22 different shades. From white to pink, to yellow and blue... Really pretty stuff but SO difficult to work with, no cotton. I usually make quilts from cotton as it's simple to work with. This stuff came apart in my hands as I was working with it. But I had a picture in my head and I was determined to succeed. I think I did. It's not as straight lined as I would have liked, but I've come to love it. This quilt now hangs in my bedroom and makes me smile when I wake up. Have you ever made a Bargello quilt? Or another quilt from material that wasn't the best to work with? How did it go... Love to know.

Until later, Jo's Daughter

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  1. Hey is het niet leuk om nog meer voorbeelden van andere quilts te laten zien? Daar ben ik namelijk wel benieuwd naar als je dit ontzettend leuk vind om te doen :)


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