zaterdag 22 september 2012

Bunting & Rose Tea

I adore bunting, if I see a line of brightly colored little flags hanging somewhere I cannot help but smile. Nothing says lets party like a room full of bunting, don't you think. (The wooden boxes shown in the picture are made by my great grandfather.)

Now, since I'm such a fan, I have made a line of bunting before. But when I got hold of a pretty seedhead stitch pattern I got inspired to make a new line featuring those embroidered seed heads...

I made them in a dark brown chocolaty color. As the belt, which I wanted to use as a line, had a dark brown dotted stripe in it. Here is a detailed picture of one of the flags.

I got the pattern from a book called Stitch With Love by Mandy Shaw. She used it on a gardeners apron but I liked it enough to hang on the wall.

It was a lot of work, stitching 6 almost identical seed heads and then making the squares, placing them inside the belt and stitching the whole thing together. I was busy as a bee for days, but it was a really fun to do. Sometimes Chloƫ or Charlotte wanted to play with the ebroidery floss & we ended up playing instead of stitching.

This morning I hang it on the wall, inside a cabinet. The fit was just right and as it is made in such neutral colors I think it doesn't stand out as much. This bunting doesn't have to be reserved for parties and will look good all year round I think.

Mom and me will now enjoyed a cup of rose tea. Made from the two last roses from our garden. I could no longer see any buds and believe this will be it. The tea is always lovely and I'm already looking forward to next years blooms.

Do you have any roses in your garden? Make tea with them or like bunting...

Jo's Daughter

4 opmerkingen:

  1. What an excellent idea! I've never made rose tea. I've never even thought of it! Your bunting is adorable. It makes me want to create some.

  2. Wow hele mooie vlaggetjeslijn! vooral die borduursel details van de paardenbloem pluisjes (geeeeeen idee hoe dat officieel heet ;p). Het is sowieso een mooie bloem, en de pluisjes wegblazen is het allerleukst!

  3. Dank je wel Siri! Vind het zelf ook altijd leuk als het van die pluizenbollen zijn.


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