zondag 16 september 2012

Kittens & Salads

I live here at Pale Rose Cottage with my mom and dad aswell as our two cats. They are a recent addition to our family. Born in the beginning of May they are now four months old, kittens really. They are 2 girls called Charlotte and ChloĆ«. One is white and the other a callico. Always getting into trouble. Cute not?! sleeping in their wicker basket, smiling even. Cats sleep an aweful lot and I have many adorable pictures of them curled up together...

And now, when I'm typing this Charlotte is sitting at my feet. She's playing with my toes, biting in them. Not forcefully at all, just really playful. Perhaps she likes my pink nailpolish?

This week I've been trying out some new recipes. My mom bought us 3 small cookbooks for a really good price and in one of them there was a recipe for Fattouch. Which I made, it's a salad from the middle east with pomegrante seeds. Never tried it before but was very happy with the result. It looked really festive and tasted yummy. We had it with pizza and here's a picture for you to see. Doesn't it look like a box of jewels has been tossed over it? The pizza I didn't make from scratch this time. It was on sale at the local supermarket so the choice was easily made.

On another day I made a farfalle pasta salad with avocado, tomato and princess beans. Not a recipe from a cookbook but rather a collection of ingredients from the fridge which were put together as a meal. We do that sometimes, have a look in the fridge and decide what the meal will be. I added our favorite mustard dressing to go on top. Which is simple to make, here is the recipe if you would like to try it sometime.

3 tblsp. honey
3 tblsp. mustard
1/4 cup of vegetable oil
1 tsp. vinegar
salt and pepper to taste

Mix it all well and add to a salad of your choice.

I've grown rather fond of using avocado in salads & adore pasta with anything so it was a nice lunch. Is there a special recipe you always make with avocado or with pomegranate? Would you like to share it with me?
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Ohhhh!! ze zijn alweer zo groot in vergelijking met de vorige keer dat ik ze zag! Zal ik een keertje langskomen op poezenbezoek met een lekker kopje thee erbij?

  2. Gezellig! Ze zijn echt enorm gegroeid, ik weet nog goed dat Charlotte (1 dag oud) op 1 hand paste zo klein was ze :D


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