zaterdag 8 september 2012

Rose Bread



We have some gorgeous pink roses growing in our garden. And I was dying to try out some recipes using our very own rose petals. This last week I tried a new recipe I found online: Rose Petal Bread. I read the recipe and it seemed really good. So I got the ingredients out and made it straight away. No time like the present they say. It looked pretty and smelled/tasted great, if I may say so myself. We had it for lunch with some honey and I will definetly make it again some time soon.

(I got the small table runner, shown underneath the bread, at a charity shop. For only 50 cent. It's made by hand and I really like it. Should have taken the time to iron it before the picture was taken. But I am not a fan of ironing and failed to complete that task.)

If you would also like to make it here is my version of the recipe. I cut the amount in half, changed it a tiny bit & just love it this way. This makes a large flat round bread.

- 1 package of dry yeast
- 1 cup of warm water
- 3 tblsp of clear honey
- 3 1/2 cups flour
- Pinch of salt
- 3 eggs
- 3 tblsp melted butter
- 1 ts thyme
- 1/4 ts ground cinnamon
- 1/2 cup rose petals

Add yeast and honey to the water in a large bowl. Stir in the flour after about 5 minutes. Leave to rest covered with a damp cloth about 45 minutes. Stir in butter, salt and eggs. Chop up the rose petals and knead them with the thyme and cinnamon through the dough. Let rest again for 45 minutes with a damp cloth covering it. Knead through and place on a baking sheet covered baking tray. Preheat oven 190 Degrees Celsius, place tray in oven and bake for 35 minutes.

We also had some leaves over to add to our green tea and this way our roses where put to good use. It was a nice cuppa, but with little rose flavor. Do you cook with roses? Have some fun recipes you'd like to share? Love to know :D

Best, Jo's Daughter

4 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow, rose bread!
    Great recipe.

  2. Ziet er goed uit Kirsten! Smaakt het ook echt naar brood? het ziet er namelijk een beetje uit als een pie ;)

  3. Thanks for sharing! I have some dried petals from last summer and I may try this recipe. :-)



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