zaterdag 29 september 2012

St. Michael's Day & First tooth

Today it's St. Michaels day and in honor of the archangel I baked a St. Michael's day bread. It's a round white bread with a braided sword on top...

We don't really do much else to celebrate this day but I do like to bake this "special" bread. My mom also made one but she baked a brown bread instead of a white one. The sword is a simple braid that you do not close at the top. You place the three ends in opposite directions to mimic the handle of a sword.

I made a bunch of photos of the entire process to place on my blog. BUT something weird happened and all pictures where gone from the camera. Including those cute kitten pictures I made of ChloĆ« and Charlotte sleeping in their wicker basket while hugging each other real tight. Of course when I asked them nicely to pose again so I could get that shot, they did not do so.

As the St Michael bread had not been cut or eaten yet, I did get the one good shot (above) where it's golden brown and almost looks straight from the oven. That is me holding it :D

And I also could take a new one of Charlotte's tooth. About two days ago she lost her first baby tooth as I was sitting next to her on the sofa. Ohh, how adorable! I found it and placed it in a small box to keep. It's still got a bit of blood on it, but I dare not wash it should it go down the sink & get lost.

I hope she's not too uncomfortable & should she lose more teeth, that I'll find them and can place them in her box. ChloĆ« still has all her teeth, I checked... But as they are sisters she should not be too long I think.

Do you celebrate St. Michael's day? Bake your own bread? Or have you found your pet's baby teeth?

Jo's Daughter

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I have never heard of St. Michael's day here, but that's a neat idea for bread. I love baking bread, and everyone is always very happy when I make homemade bread. The only problem is it disappears so quickly. :D

  2. It does go away fast doesn't it. Here we have an extra slice or two as well. But that's a good sign I think. What type of bread do you bake?

  3. Nice plait on your bread.


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