dinsdag 18 september 2012

Teapots & Seashells

Our teapot broke :(

It was sitting on the kitchen counter when Chloë jumped on it and knocked the teapot on the floor. The handle came off, so it could not be used any longer. We've had it for a long time. It was a pretty teapot with thin gold lines and bright blue cornflowers all over it (see picture above). But accidents happen and this was the perfect excuse to go shopping for a new one...

There was luckely a large choice in teapots. Some had flowers on them, some where 70's style, some with a lot of gold on it etc. But these did not appeal to mom and me as much. In the first shop we bought a pretty cream teapot with an unusual handle. In the second store we ended up buying a white square one. We did not really need two teapots, as one would suffice. But they had a friendly price and we got the second as a backup, should there be another incident. You can't have too many teapots anyway, as they always look cosy sitting on a shelve. Here's a picture of our new cream pot. It says Krautheim on the bottom & online I saw one for sale that said it was a 1930's teapot, cool.

My sister came to visit us last sunday and she brought me some beautiful seashells from her trip to the beach. Some have tiny holes in them, some have ribs others are striped. I really like them and have put them in a glass bowl in my room. This way I have a bit of summer there all the time :) We had a wonderful day together and put our new teapot to good use.

Do you collect teapots or seashells? Went to the beach recently? Tell me

Jo's Daughter

4 opmerkingen:

  1. I really enjoy teapots as well. A few months ago I had to go teapot shopping too. It was hard to find one that suited my tastes and wasn't too expensive, but I finally settled on a dark brown one with enamel designs on it. I agree, you can't have too many teapots. :D

    I went to the beach over the summer, Mustang Island on the Gulf in Texas, to be exact. I am, to put it mildly, obsessed with sea shells and the treasures of the ocean and beach.

  2. Looked up some pictures of Mustang Island and it looks great. Your teapot sounds lovely!!

  3. Thanks. Your post has put me in the mood to go teapot hunting now... I will blame you if I get too carried away. :D

  4. Super mooie theepot! ik vind 'm helemaal geweldig! Wel jammer van de oude natuurlijk... was die van jullie oma?


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