zondag 7 oktober 2012

Autumn table & Handmade Tote Bag

It's been October for a week now & it was more than time to make a little Autumn display in our livingroom. Over the years my mom made a whole lot of adorable felt flowerchildren. They all represent something from nature and are made from the patterns of Mieke Stender...

We put a few of them on the table, aswell as a bunch of leaves and some flowers.
It was difficult to get a good picture to show you. As our cats wanted to walk between the leaves and play with them. I'm not sure how long our autumn table will look as pretty as this. But we have hope :) The wooden mushroom is a new addition, we bought it about two weeks ago, at a Belgium supermarket. They only had 2 mushrooms left & no surprise as they are really cute.

Dad and I went to the library this week and I had a not so pleasant and "interesting" meeting with the new librarian. She itroduced herself to dad first and then said: "So this is your son" (???) looking at me. I was stunned, I've never been mistaken for a guy before. I had my purse with me & wore a purple scarf and I had some make-up on, so I really can't say how she thought I was a man. She explained her mistake as by saying that she had to speak French all morning and this was why she believed me to be male... That makes total sense doesn't it ?! I decided to give it no further thouht, but it was weird to say the least.

I borrowed a book from the library called The Vintage Teaparty Book. Inside there are many beautiful pictures. The author uses a lot of Brittish flags to decorate parties with. I thought it would be fun to make one myself. Not that I'm Brittish or anything but I had some fabric in the recuired colors.

And so I made one yesterday, first I created a cream colored totebag & then a Union Jack to place on top of it. Here's a picture of the totebag when it was finished. The red is a satiny ribbon (I did not have a red fabric) but it works, doesn't it. The bag has one long handle to go over your shoulder & two smaller ones to hold in your hand.

Do you make an autumn display in your home? Make your own totebags? Or are you a fan of flags? Tell me!
See you,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. I love the little flower children! They are adorable!

    There aren't enough fall leaves around here yet to make a fall display, but I will certainly be making one when there are.

  2. Thank you Grace, I too think they are pretty cute. The mushrooms are some of my favorites.


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