maandag 22 oktober 2012



I celebrated my birthday this weekend. Another year gone by, time flies for real. I remember the excitement you used to feel as a child when your birthday would come. Sleepless nights a week before. Now I don't feel like that at all. Perhaps because I already knew some of the presents I would get. I picked them out myself you see...

I chose 2 beautiful recipe books in which I can write all my favorite & family recipes. And two pretty aprons. One pink with loads of cupcakes on it & one yellow and grey with flowers, plus ruffles on it. The last one has a real vintage feel that I love.
Let's get baking :D well maybe not just yet. Did lots of that already as it would be my b-day & I wanted to make some treats.

After unwrapping those gifts we started the party with a glass of fresh orange juice & my own rose cakes. I baked cupcakes and flavored them with rose water, added a sour cream frosting and some rose petals from the last rose in our garden to bloom. My mom picked it early in the morning. I think it made the cupcakes even more unique.

I got a really wonderful quilting magazine from our friends J & H by mail. With lots of fun ideas for different quilt designs. I've already read some of it and it's fab. Also a pretty card with a poppy on it & sunflower seeds.

My sister came over early and she brought me many gifts. Including a special tea, chocolate lolly's, a nice showergel, a new sweater & some adorable homemade (my fav) crochet items. She must have been busy for days, making 2 donuts, a cupcake and teacup: Thanks sis! I got super spoiled on my special day. I'll put a picture of them down here so everyone (you) can smile at them aswell.

In the evening my friend S came round & she brought me a beautiful card and a gift wrapped in special paper. It contained some gorgeous fabric that I can turn into a quilt or a cool bag maybe. What a lovely gift! The nature inspired patterns on it are very nice and I like the colors.

We ate some chocolate macarons my sister and I baked together & they tasted really good. Sadly no pictures available. I got a pretty pink cup with spoon for hot chocolate and some nice plates and matching mugs. I might have gotten more gifts but I can't remember everything right now.

I'll add a short poem I wrote just for fun. Hope you like it.

I had cards, rose cakes and many good wishes.
Lots of fine food that let to dirty dishes.
No songs where sang but a candle was lit.
We drank tea & made macarons of chocolate.
I loved the most being with friends and family.
Let's do it all again next year, shall we?!

Thank you to everyone who made my day of the happy kind!

Is your birthday in Autumn aswell? What do you like to get for your birthday? Bake any cakes lately?

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. I'd love an Autumn birthday, since it's my favorite time of year, but I have a spring birthday (April). Luckily, I get lots of blooms for my birthday that almost make up for it not being in Autumn.

    You got so many lovely presents! You're very lucky. I love the little crocheted things. They're very cute.

  2. Autumn is my fav season aswell, but spring is a close second. The flowers are amazing indeed, I especially adore the daffodils. Worthsworth poem about them is really good and I'm always thinking of it when I see the daffodils bloom.

  3. We just had a wonderfull day. And your Rose cupcakes tasted delicious!

  4. You looked really happy! That was the best part of it :D


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