woensdag 31 oktober 2012

Happy Halloween

As you might know (from my previous post) we are not celebration Halloween here at Pale Rose. But if you are, I'm hoping you'll have a happy one! Don't eat too much pumpkin pie and enjoy every minute...

The pumpkin tealights we bought a few years ago at an army charity market. The lady selling them asked a steep price. They were really cute though, and it was for charity.

So we bought them anyway. I rather like them, they are not as bright and scary as some of the Halloween stuff you see in the shops. I had completely forgotten about the pumpkinlights but luckily mom remembered to bring them down yesterday. Something strange happened though, a white form appeared in the right corner of the camera and got caught on tape when I made the picture.

Oh wait, it's Chloƫ the friendly white ghost ;)

For dinner we will eat a very fitting pumpkin and orange soup made from our edible (smiling) pumpkins. It is a bit sad to see them go, but it was time. What's for dinner at your place?

Are you all set for Halloween? Decorated the house and wearing your costume yet...

Jo's Daughter

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