zondag 14 oktober 2012


The macaron, a French confectionery that has become rather popular. I've heard of them before, thought about making them, even seen them in shops (expensive!) but I never tasted one until this weekend...

My sister came to visit us and she brought me a present. No, it isn't my birthday yet & so I was surprised. I got a really cute card with a knitted gingerbreadman on it and a box to make your own macarons :) Here's the card, adorable not?!

She wanted to bake them (the macarons) with me and I was excited to do so. The instructions on the box made it easy & it wasn't long before the meringue-parts baked in the oven. While we made the buttercream to go in the middle. Everything had a gorgeous pink color and I had a little taste to see if it really did have a strawberry flavor, it did.

Our macarons where not as perfectly round as the ones on the picture of the box. But the had a quirky "asymmetry" to them that I found homely. Some macarons had a few cracks, but with the buttercream between them they stayed in place. Though the box promised 12 macarons we only got 8... Oh well you can't have everything. They tasted really sweet, of almonds and strawberries. Below a picture of them when they just got out of the oven, still on the bakingpaper, before assembly.

It was so much fun to do with my sister. We used to bake together more often but now that she had to move house it's more rare & therefor more special. I had a wonderful day & even ordered a book about making macarons from scratch. So I can make some more on a later date.

Do you like macarons? Bake them yourself and have a good recipe, please share.

Until later,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. What a coincidence - my last post on my business blog was also about macaroons (among other things). I had three attempts before I succeeded with macaroons but have now found a foolproof recipe at BBC Recipes - the one from The Great British Bake-Off http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/macaroons_16105
    I am helping set up a frozen yoghurt shop in Bradford, England and we will sell macaroons.

  2. Thanks for the tip Frewin! I'm definitely going to try them. The chocolate filling sounds delicious :D

  3. Hey Kirsten! De macarons zien er goed uit! Ik wil ze best wel een keertje met je bakken :)x


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