dinsdag 2 oktober 2012

New Clothes & a Rain Cloud Quilt

I'm not a fan of shopping. Yes, I do like to rummage through a charity shop or a vintage store for hours. Secondhand bookshops are also great fun. But going to the city and shop in, shop out for hours is not something I enjoy doing & tend to avoid. So many people and different types of music clashing together... Not my cup of tea.

But sunday day last week the whole family: being my parents, sister and me went to the Designer Outlet which isn't too far away. I had been given a giftcertificate to use in any one of their stores some time ago and I wanted to pick something out. The plan was a winter coat, as I am in need of a new one. But I could not find one the I liked or pictured myself ever wearing.

So instead I chose two nice sweaters, 2 showergels and a summer dress. I know, summer is officially over but I liked it a lot. I got 5 cents back in change so it was well spend. The St Oliver dress is a burgandy color and I just think it's real pretty. My sister didn't like it at all and called it a country frock, oh well. The sweaters are one pink and one purple from Ralph Lauren. Which everybody loved and said looked good on me. Always great to hear.

We sat down on one of the wooden benches they got there & ate our currant buns and apples for lunch. We brought them with us, as a friend of my sisters had told us how much a single sandwich and drink cost there. It was a shocking amount so we came prepared. The sun was out and it wasn't too cold, but boy was I tired after spending the day in such a crowd.

I'm happy with my new clothes and plan on wearing the pink sweater for my birthday which is getting close. It's made from wool so that's nice as the weather is getting colder here. We've had many rainy days lately, luckily it stayed dry when we where out...

Still there where so many rainy days that I took the time to make a rain coud wallhanging/mini quilt. I got this cool book from the library called Zakka Style. In it there was a fun coaster with a raincloud on it. Now, a fabric coaster just isn't practical if you have a tendency to spill drinks, as I do at times so...

I enlarged the pattern and made a small quilt as a wallhanging. It's about the size of a large placemat. I used the fabric I got from P. and inside I placed a fleece blanket that my sister brought home with her after a vacation. It had stripes and was really thin. Not very practical in use. But this way it got put to good use as stuffing :) Here is picture of the finished quilt, what do you think? I rather like it.

Have you been shopping lately? Got a birthday comming up? Like rain clouds or made something else from the book Zakka Style?

Until later,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Hey Kirsten, allereerst een hele fijne verjaardag gewenst! En een super leuke quilt! Die zal vast heel goed in jullie huis staan :)x


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