zaterdag 27 oktober 2012

Pancakes & Growing from seed

Baking pancakes with Grandma was one of my favorite things to do as a child. I remember her small kitchen and her old gascooker. I can picture the teatowels with dolls on them saying: Love is... something something.

I remember her silver hair and warm smile. If it happened to be raining and there was sunshine at the same time, she used to say to me that witches where baking pancakes. Apparently those where the ideal weather surcumstances for them to be baking pancakes. I never questioned it or asked for more information on it. Grandma knew it was so & grandma was wise. We would be baking them too in her cosy kitchen. Though I can assure you that my sweet grandmother was not a witch nor am I.

Sadly she passed many years ago but I still like baking pancakes. Now I do that with mom, I got to pick what I wanted to eat for my birthday. Pancakes it was & we made a really large pile and put some in the freezer for later. You might have guessed it, later was now :)

I like to eat pancakes with honey or strawberry jam. But I'm also up for trying something new. In a cookbook I read recently (can't remember the title) they suggested to make a lavender cream to go on pancakes & I decided to make it for us.

You mix sour cream with honey and add dry lavender flowers. Stir well and keep it in the fridge till dinner-time. My dad did not like it, he is not a lavender fan like me. But mom and me did enjoy it. It has a wonderful flavor and it's worth giving it a go. Now all pancakes are eaten and so is the lavendercream. I imagine it also tasting great on scones or cupcakes as a frosting, yum.

The pretty plate ,with the word pancake in 4 languages on the border, we found abandoned. Dumped at a glass recycling station (haven't got a clue what the proper English word is for that, sorry). It was wet from the rain and we decided to give it a home. A good wash was all it needed and it was good to go, I rather like it.

Here is another pic of our girls. They really are at their cutest when they are sleeping. Charlotte is waving at us, see. I went through all their pictures and more than 1/2 of them are taken when they are asleep. I finished my book and am now reading Pommegranates and Roses, a Persian recipe book. Haven't found a recipe yet I want to try but I'm enjoying it so far. It's got pretty pictures aswell.

Here, on the photo above, you can see an avocado seed. It's got 3 wooden picks in it and is resting on a glass of water. Why? Well we are trying to grow an avocado plant from it. I heard the stories of my mom, when she was a girl, growing those avocado plants from the seed. As you otherwise would throw it out anyway I decided to give it a try myself. Online I saw that others have been succesful with it and I'm interested to see how it goes for me. And also how long it will take to start growing. I'll keep you updated on it.

Do you like to bake pancakes? Eat them? or have you ever grown an avocado yourself? Would love to hear it ...

Jo's Daughter

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  1. My mom used to say that when it was raining and the sun was shining, the devil was beating his wife... 0_0 I have no idea where that saying comes from. It's funny and disturbing at the same time.

    I like to eat my pancakes with peanut butter and syrup on them. It's awesome.

  2. :D I had never heard that saying before & must admit I favor the one about the witches. But thank you for sharing! I'll have to try the peanutbutter pancakes sometime, it sounds unusual.


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