donderdag 25 oktober 2012

Halloween pumpkins, Apples & Onions

Halloween is getting closer and in several shops I've seen loads of orange stuff, ghosts, spiders and the lot. In our home we do not celebrate this holiday but I do love pumpkins a great deal. Mom bought us two edible pumpkins and we got a sheet of stickers to go with it. So we could make a funny face on them. I got the job of sticking them on & here's the result, cute not?!

I got a couple of sticker left & cut them up smaller to fit a few granny smith apples. We placed them all on a servingtray and I took some pictures of them. That's us done for Halloween :D You can see I only made the happy faces, not the scary ones with fangs.

We will not have a Halloweenparty or dress up for the day. We might not even eat pumpkin & I will not be watching a horror movie... But that's ok. I'm not a fan of those anyway. Romantic comedies are more my cup of tea & we will celebrate St. Martins day instead coming November. Now, about the onions:

Mom, dad & I watch this show on the BBC called Wartime Farm. In which three people live and work under the same conditions as people would have done during the second world war. It's on tonight again & it's a program I rather enjoy. In one episode Ruth cooks up some boiled onions in a white sauce.

When we went shopping in Germany last week or so, mom saw those large vegetable onions that they use in the recipe & we bought some to try it. I searched online for the exact ingredients and cooking method, found a recipe & made it for us.

Dad did not want to try it, he does not like onions & the white sauce was not calling his name. But mom and me had a go at it & I rather liked it. Not such a strong onion flavor as I had expected, the sauce was nice and I would not mind having it again some time.

If you too would like to make it:

Clean some onions, take of skin and make a cross in the bottom. Wash them in cold water & place in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Remove water and replace with milk, enough to cover the onions. Boil for about 30 minutes with a large sprig of rosemary. Remove onions + rosemary and bind the milk with cornflour and a bit of butter. Add salt and pepper to tast. Serve the onions with the white sauce.

We also had some boiled potatoes, corn and papaya with it. But you can add whatever you like really. Bread and bacon perhaps if you're not a vegetarian like me.

Are you going to celebrate Halloween? Watch wartime farm on tv? Or ever ate boiled onions in white sauce?

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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