woensdag 17 oktober 2012

Rosemary milk, Socks & Sheep

My toes turned blue again, the weather is getting colder & if you spend a day indoors not doing much because your in pain... Well they can alter towards a rich purple I found. Cold toes are rather uncomfortable. Not a nice feeling at all and a wonderful way to warm up is sitting under a homemade quilt with a mug of steaming hot rosemary milk...

I made it for us (mom and me) yesterday. Dad is not a fan but you should try it sometime, I think it's delicious. It's ever so simple to make and has a great taste. Heat a pan of milk and place a rosemary twig in the pan. Make sure it's washed properly first! Leave to boil about 5 minutes and remove the rosemary. Serve the milk hot, enjoy.

You can also make a chocolate rosemary milk by mixing cocoa powder and sugar. Stir in a bit of milk to make a paste, add some more milk and pour it into the pan with the rosemary. Also boil for about 5 minutes and remove rosemary.

My toes did not magically turn pink again after drinking it. I needed an extra pair of socks for that. And I was given the perfect pair by my parents this week. It has pretty ice stars on it & a real Scandinavian feel I think. My sister has got the same pair in grey. We send them to her in the post.

I really love things from Scandinavia & stilll hope to find a pretty knit sweater with deer on it and stars or snow. Saw one a few weeks ago but not in my size :(
I do have a spencer with the same stars on it as on the socks & zigzag lines. I rather like it but a whole sweater or cardigan is still a dream of mine.

When we went to the local supermarket this week we came by a field in which a large flock of sheep had spend the night. It was a lovely sight and my mom made a picture of it, getting her feet wet from the grass. I'll place it here so you can enjoy it aswell. Now, the one in the middle isn't a sheep is it?! ;)

Only a few days till my b-day. I've already got some presents but I won't tell you about them yet. You'll have to wait and see my birthday post.

Are you cold aswell? Love rosemary or Scandinavian style knitwear, or sheep? .... Tell me :D

Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. The lighting in the picture of the sheep is simply gorgeous! My compliments to your mother.

    You have so many delicious and unique recipes, I'm going to have to try that rosemary milk. It sounds awesome.

  2. I'll pass them on to her :D

    I think you will love the rosemary milk, I sure do.


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