vrijdag 30 november 2012

Almost Advent & Mistletoe

This Sunday it's the first of advent and because we always celebrate that, mom made us a pretty table centerpiece of evergreen, blue candles and a bow. Strangely enough our cats Chloe and Charlotte are leaving it alone. I'm looking forward to lighting the first candle on Sunday evening...

I wonder how the girls will do then, because especially Chloe loves (to touch!) candles. We'll have to see how it goes. We have always done this you know, making a wreath or other decoration for the candles and lighting one on each of the 4 Sundays before Christmas. It's tradition at Pale Rose & I'm glad this year will be no exception.

Mom first wanted to leave out the berries and the ivy, but I convinced her that a little touch of extra isn't such a bad thing. Even if ST. Nicholas day has yet to come. 

Yesterday the mail brought a beautiful card and letter from my sister. She had mailed it a week earlier and feared it might have gone MIM (missing in mail), especially since I never called her up to thank her. Luckily it arrived, if a little late, and I'm very happy with it. Even went to the shop to get a picture frame to place the card in. I've asked my dad to paint it white as the current blue doesn't match Alice's dress & he said yes so ... I adore the old Alice in Wonderland drawings & the story is fun too. I have a gorgeous teacup with a picture of the rabbit who is always late on the front. Also a present I once got from my sister, how well she knows me :D

When my parents came back from the weekly shopping, they brought me a little present. They surprised me with a small bundle of mistletoe. I rather like holiday plants such as ivy, holly and off course mistletoe. So I absolutely love it and we hung it on the small coat hanger we have in our diningroom. Mom added the plaited bow for fun & I quickly took this picture (shown above) before any berries would go missing.

Traditionally a berry would be picked of the mistletoe for each "stolen" kiss underneath it. Our mistletoe has many berries, so who knows what will happen ;)

Do you light a candle on advent? Love Alice in Wonderland drawings? or have any Mistletoe in your home?  Let me know by leaving a comment...

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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