maandag 26 november 2012

Christmas card, a New project & Dumplings

I've been busy with fabric these last few days. A while ago I told you of my new project. I had it all planned out, I was going to make a quilt from the embroiderd cameo's my mom made in 1980. During her stay in America she made a lot of crafty things, including these gems. They are older then me J. mentioned & thinking of it that way it's a little strange, though very true...

I also have some fabric from India, a present I got a while back from P. & all the colors go really well together, so I thought why not turn them into a little quilt to hang on the wall.

Lovely, lovely thought. But sadly it didn't work out as planned. The fabric P. brought from India is super thin, you can read a newspaper through it. So I have to line every piece & when I tried stitching it together with the cameo's it didn't work. I had to pull it apart again 4 times & then I gave up. I'm a patient girl but I could not get a straight line, the fabric tends to grow a little bigger when cut....

I can go on about it longer but it is just not happening. Sometimes you can have the greatest idea in your head, but turning it into a reality is a different story. I'm stil going to try to make something from the pink and purple fabric. But I'll only use that stuff, not add another material. Hopefully that will go better, I'll let you know & the cameo's will be saved for later.

This week I recieved my first Christmas card & gift. I know, a little early but it came all the way from Hawaii. It's a really beautiful hibiscus card & a little x-mas stocking to hang in our tree, a lovely present from K. It made us smile and we needed that.

You see my parents are both poorly, dad's got an infection in his foot and can barely walk. Mom had to go to hospital for pain treatment... Not fun, I've been trying to cheer them up by cooking some nice meals. I have this nice cookbook called Rose Petal Jam & in it there are some fun recipes. I decided to try one of them, the potato dumplings. The picture looked great, each dumpling had a little thumbprint in it. Good for the sauce and so I made us some dumplings, see picture below.

For 3 people you just mash 500 grams of cooked potatoes (can be a leftover), work in with your fingers 125 grams of flour and 1 egg. Form golfball sized dumplings, make the thumbprint and boil a few minutes in salt water till they float.

They are easy to make and tasted delicious. I'll definitely make them again sometime. I also plan to make a mushroom stirfry. Have another new recipe for that, that I want to give a go & all the ingredients are at hand.

Have you already got a Christmas card, or send some? Love Dumplings? or know a good way to cheer people up? Let me know!

Jo's Daughter

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  1. We don't have received a Christmas card yet, but after the 5th of December people will send each other beautiful cards!
    We like it very much!
    The X-mas card for you is ready for sending.....
    Thank you for the recipe of the Dumplings, sure we will make the potatoes for dinner.


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