dinsdag 13 november 2012

Cinnamon Swirls & Christmas baubles

I'm in search of a new cabinet for my room. I now have a small white one with open shelves. It's too small and not very practical in use. Hence I want a bigger one, with closed doors. To keep the dust & the kittens out. Yesterday we went to Ikea to look for one...

I didn't find what I was looking for, but we had a wonderful time together. Lots of time to chat and just look at what they have. I saw some fun things including a Christmas tree print on a large piece of fabric, to hang on the wall.

And then it was about lunch time. We decided to treat ourselves to a little something at the restaurant. I chose two cinnamon swirls (or buns) & English breakfast tea. It was lovely, see picture above. You can also spot me wearing one of my favorite items of clothing, a Scandinavian style knitted spencer. Isn't it cute? I think it has a vintage feel to it, which I love.

We did not buy a new cabinet but that's ok. I can manage without till I find one I really like. On to something else:

In my last post I believe I mentioned the Christmas decorations I'm sewing. I finished them! Yes I know, it's still a bit early in November and Christmas is weeks away. But I wanted to make them already. As I did not know how time consuming they would be & if I could finish them before the first day of advent. I could, easily I might add.

I tried to remember from which book I got the pattern. But I don't know anymore, sorry. I used some light blue & light green fabric I got from P. & a bit of white felt from mom. I embroidered ice crystals on the felt & sewed them to a green satiny circle. Then I made a light blue ball and sewed a green circle to both sides. Added a white ribbon to hang it from and voila, here they are.

If you look closely you might see that one green circle (the middle one on the right) is made out of a different fabric. I was a bit short on material & had to get creative. Yet it almost matches in color so I think it's fine. Or I just put that side to the back of the tree.

The pattern stated that the charming imperfections would add to a homemade feel. Which they do in a way, though I notice that the circles aren't exactly round... But I like them and hope to use them this holiday season, if the kittens leave them alone that is. We're not sure if we actually can put up a Christmas tree this year. The cats might jump into it or something.

To finish this post I'll add a picture from a pretty card we got from J. earlier. It says thank you on the top & it's a box of chocolates. On the back is a nice drawing, not shown in the photo.

So, do you like cinnamon swirls? Have you made your own Christmas decorations?

Best wishes to you,
Jo's Daughter

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