dinsdag 6 november 2012

Homemade cleaner & a "stowaway"

We've been enjoying fresh orange juice again. Dad's spoiling us with a freshly sqeeuzed glass for breakfast. Really lovely color & the taste, delicious. But it gives a lot of waste in the form of empty skins. What to do with those...

Throwing them out is something we did for years, but I came across a handy solution online that I was eager to try out. Making a homemade citrus cleaner, to use in housework. You need to place the skins in a glass jar or something and cover them with vinegar, leave to absorb one-another for about 6 weeks and put through a sife. Then it would be ready for use.

We made a jar and are now waiting for the six weeks to pass and try it out. It has no chemicals which is great and it must smell nice I imagine. The website said you could cut the peels up, to fit more in a pot, but we just placed them in whole. It looks almost edible, you know like you made a jar of peaches on syrup or something.

When we went to get our weekly shopping done a while ago, there were two young boys sitting by the side of the road with a sign that said: Chestnuts For Sale. We stopped and bought a bag from them for only 1 euro. They told us that they came from their garden. It was really cute their little stall & even though I'm not a fan of chestnuts myself, my mother really loves them. Also they do look pretty in a bowl, very autumny. We boiled them, peeled them and she had some for dinner with Brussels sprouts, potatoes and a veggie burger.

Before we set out to go shopping this week we discovered an extra to our party. ChloĆ« had jumped in our shopping bag & wanted to go with us to the shops. You see many people carrying little dogs in purses so why not bring your kitten?! Or so she must have felt ;) . This was off course not possible but made a pretty picture that I wanted to share with you.

Do you make your own cleaning products? Like chestnuts? Or carry your pet with you in a bag?

Till next time,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. I think I like chestnuts, I've tried a few at work. But I haven't looked up a receipe to make something special with it yet. any ideas?

  2. I made chestnut cookies once, the had an unusual texture but tasted ok. I did not save the recipe and have not made them again. But it shows you can use them for lots of things.


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