vrijdag 16 november 2012

Library Visit

I love going to the library & have many great memories related to it. I can even remember one of my early visits at the age of 6 (or maybe 7) years old. Grandma took me. "Her" library had a huge staircase I had to climb, but what treasures I could choose from to take home with me to read...

The bag in the picture above I got at my library once & I thought it was fun. It says: Good Books Are Good Friends. So true!

Went to that same library for years and the older I got the less intimidating the staircase would be. Funny how different the world looks when you're a kid.

I was very young when I learned how to read. My mom would tell me the greatest bedtime stories and they all came from fabulous books. With pretty pictures on the cover. So I was very interested in being able to read them myself. She taught me herself & I've been reading ever since.

I loved to read animal stories and tales with a bit of magic in them. I can remember a story about a girl who had magical wallpaper that would change design. Don't know much else about the story but it was wonderful at that age. You don't happen to know what book that was do you? I asked my mom but she didn't know what it was called either.

Above is a picture of my TBR pile, or shelf. So I still have some books to read, they just aren't calling my name. Don't know why, I'm sure some are nice.

Today I still like stories with a magical element. Like Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen, the magical apple tree. Or Chocolat, great as a movie too & Awakening by Kate Austin... Very nice indeed, I like it most if the story seems almost ordinary and has just a hint of magic in it. Something special that makes you believe it. So no great fantasy tale of strange beings taking over the planet. Light and fun is more my thing.


I'm not reading as many books as, let's say, last year. Then I had difficulty sleeping & was awake for hours on end. In the dark with no one to talk too it's easy to turn to reading. Which I did and loved but I'm glad I'm getting a good night's rest now. You feel so much better during the day if you've not finished a novel a night...

I went to the library again this week. I go almost every week, well certainly every two weeks. It depends on how many books I bring home & if there were any reservations for me. I reserve a lot of books, it's so handy doing that on the computer. Easy as pie & you just have to pick them up at the counter.

Dad gave me a lift and I was happy we were driving in our own car again. It has been in the garage a little while back, something that controls the air conditioning and radiator was broken. It's all fixed now and I'm pleased about that. Here's a picture of the goodies I brought with me this time, some "craft"-books.

I'm thinking of maybe making a bag from the beautiful fabric I got for my Birthday from S. Just thinking about it, no hurry. And I've already sorted out some fabric to make a quilt using some embroidered cameo's my mom made in 1980. She did them when she was staying in Florida. I'll show you a picture later... Something to look forward to.

So what are you reading? Do you have any recommendations? Stories you love and think I might like? Always wanting to add some titles 2 my got-to-read list.

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