vrijdag 23 november 2012

Mustard scones & Autumn Quilt

A while ago there was this series on tv, the great Brittish food revival. About forgotten food that needs bringing back. Really nice show! On this one episode Ainsley Harriott baked mustard scones with caramelized onions in it. They looked pretty good and I wrote down the recipe, to try it sometime. Days past and then...

We had all the ingredients in the fridge and storage cubboard. I remeberd the recipe and asked mom if I could make them for dinner for us. I pretty much knew the answer was "sure, why not". True enough mom loved the idea, so I started baking. I skipped the bacon as I'm a vegetarian, but followed the rest of the recipe to a T.

It went well, the cats are doing reasonable ok. So I felt a lot calmer & was able to concentrate. When they just had the surgery they looked pretty bad. Red sad looking eyes, walking backwards, twitching of legs and lying on their back... Not a fun sight & we worried about them. Mom called the vet a few times, but he reassured us it all came from the anesthetic. Now, a few days later, they eat and drink water again. They sleep a little more & even sat on our lap for a while. The hissing to each other is gone and C & C are at this moment sleeping in the same chair, side by side.

But back to the mustard scone. The dough felt good in my hands. It looked good and smelled nice coming out of the oven a while later. See first picture. So my mom strated to cut it in slices and oh no! ...

Not again, it was not cooked proparly inside. I strongly suspected the oven of malfunctioning. First the new year cookies and now this. That cannot be a coinsidance, can it?!

The microwave oven did make a weird noise while the scones where baking & the longer it made that noise the louder it got. Very annoying and definitely not right. I tapped the oven a few times on the top, in the hope to stop it. That did not work and the scones where already in it, baking away, so what to do about it?

The outside of the scones was ok & I had a tiny bite which was sorta nice. But sadly we had to throw out the rest of it as it was inedible. Dad said not to use the oven for baking anymore, as we will have to buy a new one. Better to be save than sorry and all...

Luckily we had some fresh bread that we could eat instead when it was time for dinner. To go with our salad and veggieburger. So we had a nice meal but I had been looking forward to the mustard scones. I'll be trying the recipe again when we have a new oven. Perhaps it'll turn out better then, I hope.

About the quilt I mentioned in the title, I made an autumn quilt earlier this year. It wasn't at all the season to make it then, but I had some pretty fabric & I wanted to make a quilt from it. Bought the colorful cotton years ago in a little shop for a really good price. The fabric had been sitting in a suitcase for a long time and, like I said, I "finally" turned it into a quilt earlier this year. Since I haven't shown it to you yet, here's a picture of it:

It's got triangles and squares in it & a few borders. I love the colors. It fits just beautifully under the little coathanger we have on the diningroom wall. Don't you think?!

So to change the subject again, for a while I wanted to get back to you about growing an avocado plant from seed. I showed you a picture of our seed sitting in a glass of water with toothpicks sticking out, holding it in place, remember?... Anyway I meant to tell you: it will not be turning into a plant. The cats could not leave it alone and we had to ge rid of it. As they kept throwing over the water filled glass & making a mess.

A bit of a shame really as I was interested to see the plant grow, but what can you do. Love the cats more than the possible plant so it had to go.

That's it for now, no more news really. What's happening with you? Tell me...

Jo's Daughter

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