zaterdag 10 november 2012

St Martins Day

Tomorrow, November 11 it's St. Martins day. Always a fun holiday when you are younger. I remember clearly ringing doorbells, singing songs and getting some candy from the neighbors. Before doing all that my sister and I would make our own lanterns from colorful paper. It was a really fun thing to do together. After our evening journey we would select a piece of candy to eat & save the rest up for later. Real treasures those were...

But then we moved house, we got to live at Pale Rose & in the village where Pale Rose stands this custom was (still is) not alive. Here the kids walk in a parade with their lantarns, accompanied by St Martin on his horse & at the end they get a glass of hot chocolate and a fried almost pretzel like thing. That I never ate as it was a bit greasy. Also very nice but I missed our tradition of singing songs and getting treats...

Now, us all being adults, we don't do much to celebrate this day. Apart from decoration a small table. With a candle, some cards, fairylights and small purple woolen gnomes that my mom made. See pictures above, aren't they cute? The acorns are felted by her aswell. I'm hoping it all stays in place and the kittens leave it alone. Too much to hope for perhaps? They love the "smell" of wool. When I was sorting out some knitting Charlotte tried to steal a yarn boll or two. But how can you get mad at someone so adorable... You can't really.

We got some candy ready for tomorrow night, in case any kids come round. No one came last year or the year before, but perhaps this year it'll be different. Who knows.

It's cold, grey and a bit rainy outside. Autumn is definitely in full swing. I'm thinking about drinking some hot chocolate this afternoon & warm up a bit. I probably will be watching a cookeryprogram I recorded from tv. And later sewing a bit on the christmas baubles I'm making. I'll tell you about those a little later on. Life is quiet these past few days...

Are you doing something special to celebrate St. Martin's day? Would love to know.

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Noone showed up on my doorstep. But all your decorations look beautiful!

  2. Sad that this tradition isn't kept alive as much these days, isn't it. But I hope you still had a good time on St.Martins day :)


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