zaterdag 3 november 2012

Wedding Anniversary & New Years Cookies

My parents celebrated another year in their marriage. In honor of the anniversary I decided to bake something special. In the cookbook I was reading I found a recipe for New Years Cookies with poppyseeds and rosewater. It sounded yummy and I decided to make them as a surprise. It being a new year of marriage and all...


I bought all the ingredients and started to bake really early in the morning. Measured everything accordingly. The dough felt a bit springy but smooth & was a bit pale. But I popped it in the fridge for the 8 hours waiting time the recipe suggested and went off to do something else while I was waiting.

Read a few chapters in my book, made dinner, did the dishes, watched a movie with mom. We saw The Lucky One. I had read the book years ago & loved it, so I was really looking forward to this. The lady from the library said it was a better film then The Christmas Card. (Which I also took home with me) It sounded promising...

We did not agree with her though & like The Christmas Card better. I was a little dissapointed by the film and had imagined it differently. This often happens, does it not. You read the book and have another picture in your head as the one shown to you. I still thought it was ok but, not as great as The Notebook in my opinion.

Now it was (finally) time to form the cookies and put them in the oven. The dough was really solid & forming walnut sized balls, as the recipe stated, was not possible. What to do now? I grabbed a sharp knife and cut slices of the dough, which I covered in poppyseed and placed on the baking tray. Fingers crossed it would work. Here is a picture of what came out of the oven. Notice me in my new apron holding the bakingsheet? Love those cupcakes.

Making slices didn't work, and the recipe obviously had a flaw in it. I can't say what the problem was, the cookies looked ok. They smelled good but the inside was sticky and not cooked right. After just a small bite I realized they were completely inedible! What a shame, I had been so looking forward to presenting them to mom and dad. Now I had no surprise to serve by our tea...

Love the little lipstick mark on mom's cup. A his and hers :)

... Luckily there was a GREAT surprise for them. My sister came over to celebrate their weddingday! Now the cookie disaster did not seem like such a big deal. We were together again for this special day & had a lovely time :D

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. One time I was making scones and put in baking soda instead of baking powder. I thought it seemed like the recipe called for an awful lot of baking soda, but put it in anyway. I realized about halfway through the baking process what I'd done, but was optimistic they might be ok anyway. They came out of the oven looking beautiful and puffy... but when you bit into them, they tasted like soap. I should have known you don't put that much baking soda into that amount of flower, but my brain was on vacation I guess. :D

  2. Oh I love scones :) But ones that taste like soap sound awfull. What a shame the recipe had a flaw. Better luck next time.


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