donderdag 13 december 2012

A Fine Day

S. came to visit with me earlier this week and we had a wonderful day with lots of fun and baking. She came early in the morning, we started with tea and a chat & then made dinner for the four of us...

We made a mushroom stirfry with noodles and a salad. I had made this recipe before and S. liked it too, so that was good. We looked at my pictures of Dickensnight. She showed me some businesscards she designed/made... It was all very cosy.

Then we made Chai-tea from scratch, with foam milk and cinnamon on the top. She had a special machine-thingy that made it easy. It was really lovely and S. gave me some of the ingredients so mom and me can make it again on a later date. Which we'll definitely do, as it was yummy.

We folded Christmas trees from an old magazine. My sister taught me how to do that. She made a ton of them and gave them to all the people she works with. Everybody seems to love them and the "Christmas tree folding bug" spread quickly ;)

We ate chocolate and grapes, we watched a movie S. brought with her called The Help. Which was really good. The acting was great and the story moving. Plan to see it again sometime for sure.

And last, but not least we made chocolate brownies and decorated them just like Nigella did in a Christmas episode of her cooking show. With icing sugar as snow and plastic fir trees and some deer. When I saw the program and realized I had the same plastic deer and trees I had to try that for myself. It is a bit kitch I know, but also a lot of fun and a bit retro I think :D Here's a picture of me letting it snow.

So yes, I've said it before but I'll say it again, it was a great day. A fine day to remember for a long time.

Have you ever made your own Chai tea? Seen the movie The Help? you should!
Made a forest scene out of brownies? Or know how to fold a magazine tree...
Talk to me :)

See you later,
Jo's Daughter

5 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi Jo's daughter,

    Today you show us again beautiful pictures.
    We like them all, thank you for sharing!
    It are very beautiful examples and we like to make also Christmas-trees.
    When I have ready a tree I will send you a photo.

    Have a nice day with your family and best wishes!

  2. That would be lovely! Looking forward to see your tree :D

  3. The Help is a great movie! So sad but so well done too. I love the deer on the cake cliffs. That's so original!

  4. Thanks Grace, I love them too. Will be doing this again next year for sure.

  5. That is such a great idea with the brownies. looks too cute to eat


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