woensdag 19 december 2012

Chanel at the Dylan hotel

One day last week my sister called me up & asked me to join her for a perfume workshop that would be held in Amsterdam. I had to let her know if I'd come straight away. She would have to pass that information on to the lady who organized it. I said yes, and so it was that last monday I traveled to my sister's house... 

Left at 8 am bright and early & from her place we traveled together by train to Amsterdam. I brought a lunch packet for the two of us, so we would not have to leave even earlier to make a pitstop on our way there. It was fun chatting and catching up with her. The journey went smoothly and we catched the tram. Then we had to walk a good 10 minutes or so & arrived, soaking wet as it was now raining, at the Dylan hotel.

It was a very classy hotel and we were seated near the fireplace, to dry up. Very thoughtful. We ordered tea as we had arrived an hour early, oops. But after tea and the warmth of the fire we felt rested and excited to start the workshop. The picture above is a bit fuzzy, the room was dark and only lit by fairylights and the fireplace.

When everyone had arrived we got a glass of chocolate mousse & some more tea. Then we all had to introduce ourselves & share our most memorable Chanel moment.

We watched a film about Chanel and some mysteries of their perfume where revealed.
Then we got a vanilla macaron and some Jasmin tea, lots of yummy tea :)

After this break we got a personal scent advice (not sure how it's called in English) & "my perfume" was Chanel Chance. Which I liked but wasn't my favorite.

After that we got to try some lotion and cream. A mist for your hair and we smelled some beautiful soap. It was all very nice and you couldn't stop smelling your perfumed arms :D

We were offered a rose lemonade and tasted a rose petal and Jasmin flower. As they were ingredients in the Chanel perfumes. Some ladies didn't know you could eat flowers but to us this was lovely yet nothing new.

Above one of the displays, filled with wonderful products. Then we moved to another display & got to smell some exclusive perfumes only sold in the Chanel shop in Amsterdam. I fell in love with their new Chanel Jersey, which smells of lavender.

We were offered a glass of champagne at the end & chatted some with the women attending the workshop. My sister and I where the first to leave, as we had a train to catch & after shaking a lot of hands received a wonderful goodie-bag to take home.
Here it is:

It was a long but fun, great day to remember. Have you ever been to a perfume workshop? Love Chanel?

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. That sounds like so much fun. I like perfume, but unfortunately, it doesn't last long at all on me. About half an hour and I don't smell like anything anymore. Essential oils tend to work better, like jasmine or lavender, but even those don't last long. It's just something about my body chemistry I guess.

  2. Hello Grace, I often have the same "problem" but the Chanel I got sprayed on me at the workshop lasted a long time. When I got home (several hours later) mom mentioned I smelled lovely :)


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