zondag 16 december 2012

Christmas decorations

Ah Christmas, the pretty decorations. The smell of gingercake and cinnamon floating through the air. Getting cards and watching some sappy holiday movies. Being with family and celebrating together. It all just makes me so happy. One thing that has always been present during Christmas here at Pale Rose is the good old traditional tree...

We've had real trees for many many years. But then one year mom saw this fake tree that looked pretty real. Meaning not a bushy triangle of the bright green variety. She liked it & grandma said, buy it and I'll give it to you as a Christmas present...

Mom got the tree, we decorated it and sadly it was to be our last Christmas with Grandma. But "her" tree is still here and we have set it up every year since then. We wanted to try it again this year and kept our fingers crossed the kittens would leave it alone. We put in red candles and red bows aswell as our walnuts. Those are special & I'll tell you why. But first a close-up picture of the decorations.

About our walnuts. They have the most meaning to us, as we made them with my grandmother. The one who got us the tree. One year we ate some walnuts and kept the shells who where not broken. We strung a bead on a piece of gold string and placed it inside a half walnut. Glued the other side back on and let it dry. We made a dozen (or so) of these to hang in our tree. Some might paint them gold but we kept them brown.
Traditionally people put edible fruit, dates and nuts on the tree & we like to do that aswell. One year we had cookies in it, but I was still a bit younger and ate some of the lower ones. My sister did the same I suspect (or it was all my doing) and so the tree became more visible then it had been originally :D
But back to the walnuts, I really like them. They don't shine so much as glass ornaments would do. Yet to me they sparkle the brightest and are some of the cheeriest things you could put in a tree. I guess I still see us round the table glueing them together, trying to match them up so there would not be a gap, drinking tea & chatting away. They where made with laughter and love by a very special lady + my mom and my hunmble self.  And I think that's great, homemade Christmas decorations are so much better than the grinning Santa statues or glittery reindeer you could buy in the shops.

I really liked our Christmas tree & it stood pretty in the corner of our livingroom for a good 20 minutes. In which Chloe and Charlotte had a blast knocking out the walnuts and candles. Sitting in the wicker basket underneath. Climbing the tree and making it fall over.
Kittens and Christmas trees don't match. So this is to be a year without a tree :( If you can't have a tree you'll have to get creative in making the place Christmassy. Mom pulled out some other things we made over the years and managed to make Pale Rose very cosy indeed. She has a flair for this.
A few years ago I made 2 Christmas quilts that we now have on the wall. We first used one for under the tree but this way you get to see more of it. Mom also made a wreath with candles and ribbons that hangs above the table. We have a few cards on display and two minature real trees that the cats leave be.
So I think we have a lovely decorated house, full of Christmas cheer. I'll add another photo of the side table and our card collection so far. Am still hoping to get a few more cards. But there is still enough time...
It's Jane Austens birthday today. Or it would have been had she lived forever ;) Might be tempted to ask mom to see Emma again. OR P&P, or Persuasion.
Oh almost forgot, I'm excited about tomorrow. My sister is treating me to a perfume workshop in Amsterdam. Will let you know how it went/was in my next post!
Have you decorated already? Got a tree? What's making your home merry this Holiday season?
Best Wishes,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. What did you make beautiful quilts, we like them very much!
    It is a nice story of the Christmas tree; we
    hope next year you have again a real tree.
    You like to get a few more cards? I am looking for a nice card for you.
    Best wishes.

  2. Thank you, I know I made them myself but I really love them :D


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