maandag 10 december 2012

Dickens Night

I like to read Charles Dickens, his language & his ability to add emotion in surroundings aswell as characters appeal to me. Some of his books are better than others but I have many favorites. Like Our Mutual Friend or A Christmas Carol.
In the city where my sister lives they hold a Dickens Night every year...

My sister got a special newspaper full of information about which choirs would perform and where. What stall would sell special items & you just got a general idea of what there was to do. When we were at her place to celebrate my moms birthday I had a quick look through it and so it was decided that we would meet at her house again last Sunday, to join the fun.

We took the train as we still had some tickets for this year & not much later we arrive in a snow covered city. Well, perhaps not really covered in snow but it was slippery on the road and later it rained... Still, the atmosphere was nice and we set out to see it all as a family.

We saw owls and some geese, many people dressed up in Dickens wear :D I tasted a Christmas cookie, sadly the Christmas pudding was not vegetarian... We had a good look at the stalls but did not buy anything. They did sell a teapot with the same pattern as our sugar and milk set that we have from great-great grandma, but like I said we did not buy anything.

I was happy there were not as many people as predicted and so we got a good look at everything and made many photo's. It was really cold and it did rain, but we had umbrellas and it was nice to be together there.

After Dickensnight we went back to my sister's house and had a lovely dinner. We decorated her Christmas tree and talked quite a bit. Then it was dark, late and time to go home again. Let's do it again next year shall we?!

Do you like Dickens? Ever been to one of those Dickensnights? Or have you decorated your Christmas tree yet? Tell me all about it :)

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. I am very glad to see the beautiful photo's! You and your family have spend a special day with your sister.


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