zaterdag 22 december 2012

Felt Cupcakes & Apple soup

I treated myself to a hot chocolate with a ginger cookie this morning. Mom helped me to carefully cut out a small piece of cookie. So that it would sit on the rim of the cup & look really pretty. Charlotte likes the look of it too...

The pretty placemat I embroiderd a long time ago, when I was still in highschool I think. It's a popcorn and cranberry garland, which I rather like.
We have a forever cranberry and popcorn garland to hang in our home. Mom croched the popcorn and strung it with red beads to mimic the real thing. I think it's lovely but we do not have it on display this year.

I've made some felt cupcakes as a holiday decoration. I borrowed a book from the library called Tea time in which there are many pattterns for felt cupcakes. Some with roses, some with pointsettias and some ice-crystals. The last one I made in grey, red and white felt & I added the tiny white beads. Here's a picture of them, I placed them in paper cups that are normally used for baking real cupcakes. They look nice don't you think?


Mom made a pointsettia cupcake as a gift & I liked that one too. But the ice crystals are my favorite, they have a Scandinavian feel that I love.

I don't remember if I talked to you about this before. If I did, you'll forgive me I'm sure. But I made a pan of applesoup for lunch one day this week. It's a recipe from Mrs. Beeton's cookbook & I've made it before. When I first read the recipe I was intruiged by the simplicity of it and I was interested to find out it's taste. Would it be like applesauce?...

It does taste like apples and is also really fragrant. There's ginger and cinnamon in it & it gives you a warm feeling in your tum. We had some French bread with it and a pear for dessert. They were just right for eating, hence the slightly "strange" choice. Daddy didn't like the soup the first time round & so it was just mom and me who had it. But I think it's a lovely soup and have written the recipe in our own personal recipe book.

We have received a few more Christmas cards and they look very festive. I got 2 handmade cards from J. One with a Christmas bell on it & one 3D harmonica-type cards with little Santa's walking in the snow. This one I really like, never seen such a card and might try to recreate it sometime.

Well that's it for now, almost Christmas. Plan to watch a holiday movie with mom, I had intended to save it for Christmas eve... But I feel like watching The March Sisters At Christmas today :D

Tomorrow it's the fourth sunday of advent. Time flies and Christmas is just round the corner.

Have you ever made a recipe from Mrs Beeton's cookbook? Or seen the March sisters film yet?

As always,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. How nice the ginger cookie on your mug and I like also the very nice cupcakes!

    I never heard about applesoup…………I have read: Mrs. Beeton is the most famous cookery writer in British history, so the recipe of her must be good!

    Till next time!

  2. I rather like the apple soup and will be trying another Mrs Beeton recipe after this succes. She also has a recipe for gingernuts... sounds promising.


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