vrijdag 28 december 2012

Fun Fun Fun at Xmas

We had an awesome Christmas together. Thinking about it makes me smile 24/7. You don't have to be with loads of people, eat a ton of food or end up burried under a massive pile of gifts to have the time of your life...

Above a picture of the Nativity set my mom made many years ago. I remember the good times like they were yesterday, of her and I both making a Nativity set. From scraps of fabric, sheepswool and a bit of wire (or paper). We worked on it for many months accompanied by a cup of tea & chatted about everything and anything. Great memories :)

But allow me to share a bit about my family's Christmas:

After unwrapping some presents really early in the morning, we started with a cup of tea and I had a chocolate or two. I used my special Christmas cup, that I've had for a long time. It's got a padded look and a gingercookie on the front & the inside is green, such fun. It was a holiday gift one year and I still treasure it. Mom also got a special Christmas mug with robins on it. Dad has pineneedles, pinecones and holly on his. And when my sister is here she has a glass teacup with some red Julbocks on it. They don't match at all, different in decor + style and size, but I like them very much.

Then shortly after tea my sister arrived & we where complete for the day. She had not minded me opening up my gifts, she knew that I was curious to see what was inside. I never would have guessed the cute xmas-pudding doorstop. (See previous post for picture.)

It was just the six of us (C&C included) & the select company was warm and friendly feeling. We talked forever and laughed together. We remembered the good times we had and enjoyed the one we experienced now. Took pictures and ate a wonderful meal we cooked together :D My sister had made us a delightful soup of pears and sweet potatoes, of which I will ask the recipe. So that I might make it for us someday. If you're reading this sis, could you mail me the recipe? Much appreciated.

I had also baked some Christmas cookies the day before, vanille kipferl & we had some after dinner. It was a new recipe, I had never had nor made Vanille Kipferl before. They are German Christmas cookies, shaped as a half moon & translate (I believe) to vanilla crescents. I might be mistaken... Anyway, they tasted buttery and melted in your mouth. Absolutely delicious, if I may say so myself. I'd love to bake them again someday.

It was a lovely Christmas day, of course we remembered those we lost & sadly could not be with us. That never gets any easier, does it? But it was a very fun day & I'm already looking forward to us spending Christmas together again next year.

Below a shot of our Christmas wreath, with all candles buring brightly. Mom made it, in the back you get a glimps of one of my holiday quilts. This was one of the first quilts mom and me made together. She made the center and I the surrounding blocks. It's a log cabin al in red and green, with a holly wreath in the middle.

Not everyone had a wonderful Christmas, sadly two people we know had someone in the hospital during the holidays & we also saw a man who had become unwell at the wheel of his car... our thoughts where with them all. It reminded me to be thankful and appreciative of us being together and reasonable healthy this holiday. In the end that's all that matters isn't it, being together with special people.

Christmas can't be bought in a shop, or found in an elaborate feast. It's made by the people around you. Sharing the love and friendship. Celebrating life and happiness together... Well, we certainly did just that this year & I had a good time doing so.

Have you had a wonderful Christmas? I hope so!

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. It makes me very warm reading your story about your Christmas days.
    You tell us the right feelings to have and to make cosy and lovely days together with people you love so much!
    So you will always remember those days and you will feel how good it was to be together!
    Give it a place in your heart because it makes you happy.


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