dinsdag 4 december 2012

St Barbara Day

Today it's St. Barbara day & if you put some cherry tree branches in a vase, you might (if you're lucky) get flowers on Christmas eve...

My mom bought us some cherry tee branches yesterday and so we are hoping to get a flower by Christmas, it's good fortune if you do.

The story of St Barbara is that she was locked in a tower. There she found some cherry tree branches which she moistened with her drinking water every day. The branches flowered and consoled her, before her impending execution.

We try to have a "Barbara Branch" every year and I really like this tradition. The card, also in the photo, dad got from J. and has nothing to do with St. B... But it's a pretty card and I decided to include it in the picture. I'll be back tomorrow talking a bit about St. Nicholas day.

Do you celebrate St. Barbara Day?

Until tomorrow,
Jo's Daughter

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