woensdag 5 december 2012

St Nicholas Day & a Party

December fifth is St. Nicholas day. It used to be on December 6, but they changed it for some reason. I wish they had not done so, as it's now on the same day as the birthday of a very special lady...

My mom! She's celebrating another year & we plan to go visit/party at my sister's place. It was always a bit double having both events on the same day. When my sister and I were kids we did celebrate St. Nicholas day, but now we remember HER day much more than good old ST. Nicholas's.

We do have a few homemade decorations, 2 St Nicholas figures in different sizes and a couple of Pete's. In the first picture you see a row of houses made of cardboard and a blue night sky with stars. St. Nicholas and his helpers are busy delivering presents :) They are all made of felt, even the gingernuts that fell out of the bag & the book with all the names of the good kids in it.

On the picture above you see us drinking tea and me having a butterfly cookie... yum! Nice teacups, no? But why I chose/mentioned the picture is: the small felt St. Nicholas riding his white horse on the left. My mom made him aswell, it's a pattern by Mieke Stender & really cute I think. This photo was made earlier but I decided to save showing it to you until today.
To start the day with a bit of St. Nicholas spirit I had some spiced gingernuts (pepernoten) on my sandwiches. A bit strange perhaps but not at all unpleasant :D
So as we will be celebrating mom's birthday I'll keep it short. But don't worry I'll be back soon with another post. In the meantime tell me this, are you celebration St. Nicholas day?
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