dinsdag 25 december 2012

Yay, It's Christmas Day

Yes it's that special day again, Christmas day. So I put up the garland I bought this year. I like it's country feel and think it looks wonderful on the cabinet. It's cute don't you think?! I'm celebrating with my family today so...

I'm keeping it short. Here's some pictures of the presents I got, I opened them early :)

A lovely bottle of Vanderbilt Eau de Toilette, (absolutly love the packaging) a gift from J & H. I remember seeing this in the shops as a child and loving the pink and pretty swan. Never had it before and will be putting some on today, curious how it will smell :D It came with the most adorable card, a 3D snowglobe.

A fun and festive doorstop, shaped as a Christmas pudding. This I got from my sister, aswell as the "matching" card. I'm a fan of Christmas puddings, not so much the eating of them but I love their looks.

My sister told me her arm grew a few inches after buying it, the pudding was super heavy to carry home from the shop. When she stepped across the threshold of her house the plastic bag it was packaged in broke & the pudding fell on the floor, holding the door open ;)

And I also got some presents from mom and dad. Including a HUGE gingerbread cookie (with icing and colorful buttons), a dvd of the movie New Year's Eve & chocolate Santa tin from Lindt. They can be seen in the pictures above and below. I'm wearing green today as it's a holiday color. Gosh I have been spoiled, haven't I?!  You can also spot 2 more cards the black one with the fun tree + penguin is from S & N. Lovely, thank you so much.

But it is not all about the presents, wonderful as they are. So I'm of to celebrate and be with my family. It's the kittens first Christmas, but I don't think they realise how special it is :) Still they enjoyed their cat treat & extra large bowl of cat milk.

I hope that as you spend time with loved ones today, that you still reflect on the true meaning of Christmas.

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas !!! I'll tell you all about mine later.

Jo's Daughter

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