vrijdag 1 februari 2013

Garden Birds & Homemade Bread

The smell of homemade fresh bread cannot be compared to anything else. Sometimes I wish they could bottle it, so that I could spray a bit in the air to make Pale Rose smell cozy in mere seconds...

Above a picture of Mom's: walnut bread with apricot spread.
On a cute fabric placemat, full of bottles.

My mom is reallly good at baking bread. The stuff that you can buy in most shops doesn't really look, feel or taste like a proper bread I think. Full of air and lacking texture + flavor. Of course mom's not always able to bake fresh bread but when she is, oh what a treat! Here's a picture of her, folding in the filling of her latest creation. Raisins, lemonpeel and walnuts. It's a bit fuzzy, but you can still see it.

While the bread was baking in the oven she made some apricot spread to go on top of it. When I tasted my first slice of this bread and spread I almost swooned ;) It was absolutely delicious!

The apricot spread is really simple to make & will taste good on any bread. Just boil some cut up dried apricots in a very small amount of water. If they are soft you put it all in the blender & place the spread in a bowl. Leave to cool and put on your favorite bread, just like a marmelade or a jam. Enjoy :)

The whole family loves birds & we often put food out for them. I don't know if it's because of our cats, but we see very few birds in our garden. So when we do, it's something special. I keep the camera close by & will attemt to capture them. But it's tricky, if they see you getting closer to the window they often fly away.

With our last two visitors I was succesful & naturally I'll share the photographs with you. Here's a robin, in flight. He too was scared off but I still got him on tape. Can you spot his red tummy on the left upper corner?

Number two is a blackbird, in a good pose. You can see Dad's footprints all over the snow. Left while he placed the food on the upsidedown milktin. Now all the snow is gone. We've had two days of rain and it's all melted away.

A little while ago the mailman brought us a gorgeous card from J&H. With a picture on the front of an old fashioned postcard with writing and some pretty pictures. An angel, cockrell and sunflower. J. told us that she had bought this card in a Danish shop in Groningen. It is absolutely charming and has that vintage-feel I (we) love.

So I'll add a picture of it here for you to see aswell. In the background you can see our clovers... 

They are doing really well. Our girls Chloë and Charlotte love the smell of dirt & the minute we've watered our clovers they sit beside them and stick their little heads in the middle of the plant. We lost some clovers due to this, but they are sturdy and always seem to come back thriving.
Do you get a lot of birds in your garden? Bake your own bread? Or love vintage-style cards?
Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Yes, we have a lot of birds in our garden and we like it very much to see them all.
    But......this morning we were really shocked when we looked outside, we saw a black cat getting a bird. He walked away with the bird in his mouth.
    We were sad and (a little bit) angry, maybe you can understand our confusion.
    Take good care and best wishes!

  2. Oh no!, that poor bird. What a terrible thing to witness. I hope the cat leaves the other birds alone, so you can enjoy watching them.


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