vrijdag 18 januari 2013

Hottinger Gnomes, Snow & Scrumptious meals

We have a little scene of Hottinger gnomes in our livingroom. Mom knitted these cute gnomes for us in purple and grey. Aren't they adorable?

Thankfully the girls leave them alone. This was not a certainty as they are made from wool and filled with sheepswool aswell. Charlotte in particular is very fond of wool.

The little mushroom cottage is a tealight holder & at night there is a light burning inside it. Adding a magical quality to the Hottinger scene. It's all very brown in their world & it's all very white in ours...

It's been snowing for a few days. Not huge quantities of snow but enough to cover everything in a soft blanket. Above a picture of me feeding the birds in the snow. Wearing my new coat and a handknit scarve. The wellies are Dad's, I borrowed them as I have non of my own. A bit too big but I managed.

It's also been very cold in the house, especially in the morning before the heating goes on. So I'm wearing two pairs of socks indoors and sit under a quilt during teatime. It adds a bit of coziness.

We've seen loads of kids making snowballs and presumably snowmen. A few on a sleigh and dad's been clearing out the driveway of Pale Rose with a shovel. He came in freezing and with a red nose. It almost looks like a Christmas card when you look out the window.

I looked at my pictures of January 2012 and saw that some gulls had visited our garden back then. I almost forgot about that. It was really special and surrounded by snow they seemed a bit out of place. I'll add the old picture here so you can see them aswell. Quite a lot of them came to eat some bread in our garden.

The low temperature inspired us to make some hearty meals this week. Mom made us her traditional vegetable and tomato soup. I remember eating that often as a child in winter, both at my grandmother's house & here at home. One of my favorite things to eat.

We now had some delicious breads to go with it, covered in seeds. I rather like soup, it's so comforting and "homey". Dad got back to his normal warmth after eating a bowl of this lovely soup.

On another day I made a new recipe from one of the cookbooks I recently acquired. Scrambled tofu with veg and a mustard sauce. Served in pita bread and accompanied by a carrot salad. I really liked it and will make it more often. Here's a picture of it:

If you too would like to make a carrot salad, my paternal grandmother's recipe is super easy. Shred a bunch of carrots and wash a handful of raisins. Combine and make the dressing. Get the juice and peel of a large organic lemon and mix it with a tiny bit of olive oil and a spoon of honey. Dress the salad and enjoy :) In summertime you can add some fresh parsley from the garden.

With the beautiful fabric that I got for my Birthday I'm planning to make a totebag. One of our shopping bags/baskets had a large hole in it. The palm leafs of which it was woven came apart and it cannot be fixed I think. So I chose the grey and brightly colored striped fabric I got as a gift & plan to turn it into a shopping bag. It's sturdy enough to carry groceries I believe, and this way I get a lot of pleasure out of it. So after I turn of the computer, I'll take out my sewing machine and get cracking. I hope the fabric isn't too thick and that I won't break a bunch of needles. Wish me luck...

Is it snowing in your hometown? Do you like gnomes? Or make your own tomato soup? Tell me all about it, would love to know.

All the best,
Jo's Daughter

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Oooh, this is making me hungry. You're an awesome cook!

  2. Yes, our garden is also white with snow and on the pond in our village children are skating on the ice. It is so nice to see!
    Your tomato-soup looks delicious, in winter we also like to eat pea-soup, especially when it is very cold outside.
    Have a nice week-end.

  3. Thank you Grace :)


    Oh I haven't seen anyone skating yet. Don't even know if there is anything frozen round here. But what a lovely sight that must be!


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