zondag 27 januari 2013

King Winter, Knitting & Grilled Cheese

King Winter has descented and took up residence in our livingroom. Mom made this figure for us, aswell as the icicles. They are made out of felt, flanel, beeswax and sheepswool. Aren't they cool ;) ...

Here's a close-up of the icicles.
As long as I can remember my mom made a little seasons table of waldorf dolls and items from nature to represent the change in seasons. When we where little we learned a lot from this & even today I still enjoy the visible stages of Mother Nature in our sittingroom. Charlotte and ChloĆ« also love the figures but mainly because they are made of wool. The girls love wool & they also like to see snowflakes fall from the sky.

When mom briefly opened the bathroom window, Charlotte quickly jumped on the windowsill and stepped on the snow. She did not like the cold and jumped back onto the floor, leaving a footprint in the fresh snow. I took a picture of it and you can really see how Charlotte's warmth melted the snow, super cute.

With it being so cold all the time, I've taken to eating a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. It's simple to make using the machine & I rather like it. My paternal Grandfather was also a fan of the grilled cheese sandwich. I suspect because it was one of the few things he knew how to prepare. But even if you can make a ton of other things, some winter days you just feel like making a grilled cheese sandwich. Don't you? I usually have a bit of ketchup with mine, mom does not like that at all but I do.

As a family we've been watching some episodes of Father Brown. A detectives series on tv. Dad suggested it to us one day & I must admit I was not enthousiastic at first but I've come to like it. It feels a bit like watching a Miss Marple & I like her so that's good. It's nice that we all see it together, though sadly it's not being shown anymore next week. There are not many shows on tv worth seeing these days & it's rare to find something we all like. A pity there aren't more episodes...
Mom's been busy knitting these last few days. She had some red wool and wanted to make it into a scarf (or something). We found a simple pattern for a lacy Bactus online & she's been knitting it for a while now. Her arms are still sore and work goes slow, a few needles at a time. Then there are the girls wanting the chew on the yarn all the time... Still, it's comming along & I really like it. Very colorful and cheery.
I'll end today with a picture of Charlotte and Chloƫ, fast asleep in their basket. Tired of chasing wool. We draped a blanket over them that my great-great grandmother knitted for my grandmother, when she was a youg child. They looked a bit cold :)
So are you knitting anything? Like grilled cheese sandwiches? Or make a seasonable table display in your home? Tell me!
Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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