woensdag 23 januari 2013

Lovely Lunch & My new Bag

My sister and I got invited for lunch with our friend S. last sunday & so it was that my sister picked me up with her car. It was cold outside, aswell as in the car, and I was glad I wore my new purple gloves. There was a lot of snow and ice on the country roads, but luckily we made it unharmed...

We quickly catched up during the very short drive to S.'s house and where welcomed in the warmth of her home. S. had not told us what would be on the menu and I was curious what would be eating.

She had made a delicious fruity drink from tangerine's and kiwifruit (see first picture). S. is really good at making those & it was lovely. Then we talked and had ciabatti bread with cucumber, tomatoes + bellpepper. The bread came fresh out of the oven and was nice and warm.

The tomatoes where delicious as was my ciabatti. Lemon and ginger tea, cranberry tea and Chai tea where served while we looked at her new cookbooks. She has some really nice books & even got a new one on the day of the lunch from her sister. I took a picture of a recipe that I would love to try sometime :)

We chatted some more and then watched a movie together, 21 jump street. The best part was that S. baked brownies & we had some still warm chocolatey goodies during the film, yum. We had some more tea in a fun cup, see picture below & it was nice to see eachother again.

Time went quickly and before we knew it 't was time to go home. My sister still had to drive to her house on the icy roads, so we left a bit early. But it was a very nice (if cold) day.

S. mentioned that maybe next time we'd get together, we could make our own sushi... Never had sushi before, am curious how that would work with me being a vegetarian :)

So as you know from my last post, I made a new shopping bag. From the pretty fabric that I got for my birthday... It went well, I only broke a single needle so it wasn't too bad. I already used it to carry some stuff to our lunchdate & I really like it.
Above a photo of it, I made two small straps to carry it in your hand & a large strap for over your shoulder. (Not visible in picture.)

That's it for now, not much going on with all the snow and January is always a slow month for me somehow.

What's going on with you? Seen a good movie lately? Love fruity drinks? Ciabatti anyone....

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