vrijdag 22 februari 2013

Baking Bread

I borrowed some cookbooks from the library, I believe I mentioned that to you before. Anyway, I've been reading in them and putting tags by all the recipes I wanted to try sometime. All in the good company of a nice cuppa & a biscuit or three...

One of the recipes that caught my eye was a Lemon and Fennelseed bread. It promised to produce a light and delicate bread & as I love lemon my hands where itching to get started. I checked the fridge and the storage cupboard. I was in luck, I had exactly 1 package of dry yeast left & just but only just enough whole wheat flour.

So I closed all the doors, turned up the heat & got baking :D I wouldn't say I'm a expert-baker. I've made a few breads and baking is nothing new to me. But for some reason it's mostly been my mom who did the bread baking in our family. She made so many different breads, but never one with lemon.

My mom is not well and sadly in a lot of pain. So I took over the bread baking, though not solely for that reason, as I did REALLY want to bake and try this Lemony bread. I love the yellowness of the lemonpeel, it matches my measuring spoons ;)

The mixing and kneading is all simple and doesn't take long. But all in all it took 3 hours, yes that is 3 hours to rise.

I was worried about the dough not doubling as much as required for this recipe... But the heat was on and I decided to just carry on. What else can you do? So I eventually popped them in the oven and hoped for the best. The oven is an inherritance of my Grandmothers and 37 years old. So it's a bit temperamental of character. Sometimes it just doesn't want to comply, but luckely today it was in a good mood and did the job.

Here's a shot of me, holding the breads as they came out of the oven. See my pretty cupcake apron? 

Again the bread did not look as though it had risen very much. But when I tapped the bread it did sound a bit hollow & they did not weigh a ton so that was a hopeful sign  they had turned out all right.

Then the next day when they had cooled and rested, mom sliced them bread & thankfully it was light and "airy" inside :) I broke off a small piece and tasted it, absolutely delicious! If I may say so myself.

I put on some butter and loved every bite of it. Mom also enjoyed the bread, dad found it a bit too lemony. He isn't such a citrus-fan. But I was happy that the long waiting had paid off.

Since this was a success, I am interested in baking some more bread. After this is eaten offcourse. There are so many other recipes to choose from, that I haven't decided yet. But I don't mind reading some more in the cookbooks. Always fun to imagine what things will taste like.

Are you a baker? Often make your own bread? What kind? Would love to know!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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