dinsdag 5 februari 2013

Many a Day, Crafting Away

The sewing machine and knitting needles have not been left unused these past few days. Mom has been making some knitted baskets from a turqoise wool & I have been quilting with the pink and purple Indian fabrics...

I started the project a long time ago. You might remember that I told you once that I wanted to make something with the embroidered cameo's that my mom made. Sadly they could not be used in combination with the Indian fabric. But I made a little square quilt out of the silky stuff.

It wasn't easy, the fabric is super thin, you can read a book through it. Also it makes the thread fly up with statics, really anoying! It took me three times to get all the layers, top, filling and backing pinned together. I only succeeded in the end, because mom helped me the third time. It really was a two persons job.

So many hours and some sore fingers later here is the result. It's far from perfect but, given all the difficulties, I'm happy with the outcome. The colors are beautiful and the fabric shimmers in the light.

My mom has been knitting baskets. A long time ago she got a pattern from the drops advent calender to make a knitted basket. We had cheeply bought a large cone of turqoise wool & mom used it all up to make 4 large and narrow baskets & 1 shallow and large round basket. The last one was a variation of the pattern "designed" by my mother. She plans to use the last one for Easter & intends to fill it up with wooden eggs. Her arms hurt a lot and progress was slower then usual. Also because the girls wanted to chew on the yarn. But she succeeded and aren't they great! I really love them :D

They all went in the washing machine to felt and shrink & become fuzzy. Here's how they looked before washing, hard to belief this would turn into cute baskets don't you think.

From the little bit of yarn left over, we made a cat toy. Charlotte found it irresistable & here's a cute "angry" picture of her with her new pompon, before it was felted. When I tried to take it from her so it could go in the wash, she made some angry noises. Non to pleased about her prey being take away from her...

So, are you a quilter or a knitter? Made anything new lately? Please share...

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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