maandag 25 februari 2013

Nails, Eggwhite & Homemade Teatowels

I did my nails today. Made all the edges smooth again & polished them in a pretty pale pink (shell type) color. They always looks so much better with a little bit of gloss on them I think :D

So while my hands are now looking lovely again, dad's hand is looking pretty awful! He had a horrible accident with a hot water bottle & poured all the boiling water over his hand....

I heard a terrible scream and rushed towards the kitchen. But the damage was already done. He tried to cool it with cold water but it hurt even just to hold his hand under the stream of water coming from the tap.

Mom and me quickly separated some eggs & brushed the white onto the large burn. But it hurt a lot! Dad is a guy who always minimizes the problem. Now it was obvious he was in a great deal of pain. How helpless you feel when there is nothing to do but repeatedly and carefully brush on some eggwhite as a protective layer.

It happened in the evening & dad used up two eggs in total. He couldn't sleep from the pain. So the next morning dad went to the doctor's office to ask for some cream or something to put on it.

The doctor said it was a bad second degree burn, but luckily with few blisters. Dad mentioned the old and tried egg method, but the doc had never heard of this household-treatment for burns. He did say it must have worked, as there where only a few small blisters on dad's now bright purplish-red hand.

He got some cream on it and his hand is wrapped in bandages. Still very painful, but a bit more bearable at least. It's also his right hand & he's right handed... Difficult to do things though with such a large bulk on your hand. I peeled him an orange as he could not manage it himself. To bring a smile on his face I placed the orange slices on a plate in the shape of a little sun or maybe a flower. See picture below:

Mom has despite not feeling too good herself, made us some new teatowels. We had a pretty large piece of bordeaux linnen and cotton fabric. It's color had faded (a lot) over the years, so we did no longer use it as a decorative background. I helped her cut it up into 14 equal pieces, the size of our old teatowels. She folded the edges over and stitched them all neatly on the sewingmachine. I already tested out their drying quality as I have done the dishes on my own. Here's a photo of some of our new teatowels:

I don't particularly like to do the dishes & Dad has on most days been the one to perform that task for me. Now it was my turn again & I don't really mind, that much. The new teatowels did great and this way the fabric would not go to waste. We do love to have things be useful here at Pale Rose ;) You know, waste not want not.

So this last few days haven't been much fun for my father. I'm hoping his hand will heal well & won't scar much. We will have to wait and see with time.

I too have been crafting a bit. Won't spoil the "surprise" just yet & will tell you all about it later.

How's your week been? Any accidents? Did anything fun?

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hallo Jo's daughter,
    It was a week of ups and downs at Pale Rose Cottage, I see.
    We wish your dad a good recovery.
    The photographs are beautiful again, the painting is a picture of Monet?
    I recognize the nail file, I bought one for my daughter, they are nice.
    The teatowels are beautiful, it was a good idea from your mom.
    You are busy with nursering your parents?
    Best wishes and take good care of yourself.
    Till a next time.

  2. Thank you for your good wishes, I will pass them on. The picture is indeed a Monet & as you probably know I love his work :) I also have a dvd with a great movie about him, the impressionists. Great fun to see more of his personal life & the scenery in it is stunning.


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