maandag 18 februari 2013

Pretty skies, Craft projects & Kiwi's

We are early birds here at Pale Rose. Often the sun has not even reached it's proper place in the sky, when our feet touch the ground & we open the curtain to let in the morning light. This week I saw some beautiful colors in the sky an mananged to take a few pictures of it. I'll share one with you...

The colors seemed to dance across the sky. I adore the combination of soft pink and orange, lilac and purple.

We have some of it inside aswell, with our new cheerful plaited tablecloth. Mom added a wooden bowl of oranges and a pretty candle and it's almost the same as what we saw from our window this morning :)

Well, not really the same but if you use your imagination a bit... it could come close.

I've been doing a lot of crafting again. I still have a pile of fabric scraps and such to make a ton of things from. Also I still have many idea's of what to make. I don't know if you remember this, but a while ago I made a fabric totebag with stripes. I got the fabric for my birthday & I also got a blue and white sturdy fabric with leaves on it.

The totebag was so handy that I decided to make two more bags. This way we can all have one each ;) I managed to use both the printed part aswell as the side, which is a solid color. This way it doesn't just look like a print but more like a "design" bag, don't you agree?

I like them and have already used them on several occasions. Dad even took the blue one to his foot-treatment/therapy appointment.
With all the bad weather, we've had snow and now we've been having loads of rain, mom decided we needed to eat some more vitamins. So I have been snacking on oranges and lots of kiwi fruits, delicious.

I think that oranges are still my favorite fruit. But I also really enjoyed the kiwi's. They are a bit strange looking when you think about it, but the green is a really fresh color. We got this little yellow plastic device that is halve spoon and half knive. It makes the "task" of eating them a lot easier. I had two more this morning as I was reading some cookbooks that I borrowed from the library. One about Vegan coooking and a Bread making book aswell. I already found some recipes that sounded promising and I might be trying to make a few.

Are you an early bird? Love to watch the sky? Enjoy a kiwi fruit?

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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