donderdag 28 februari 2013

Sewing hearts, Augustus & a Bean salad

Spend a lot of time crafting this week. Once you've got the bug it's hard to get over it ;) & it's so cozy to do sitting warm inside, while outside it's snowing. I rummaged through my pile of material and picked out some cream and burgondy stuff. Not a whole lot of material to work with, but I could put it to good use... 

I saw somewhere a line of bunting, decorated with hearts. Really cute and I decided to try and make something like it myself. I had just about enough material to make 5 squares with a heart applique on it & we still had some checkered ribbon I could use, to bind the whole thing. Here's a glimps of it already in the background, when I stopped and had a sandwich for lunch. With vegetarian ham and lettuce, lovely.
When I first told mom and dad about my new project, they thought the burgondy might be a bit dark. But when I was working on it they changed their minds. I sewed a lot for several days. I did the whole thing by hand so that took a while. Now that it's all finished, my parents love it & so do I. It has a real counrtry feel to it.
I displayed the bunting line in my bedroom. I have a large wooden shelf hanging there & it would fit uderneath it with ease. On the top of the shelf I have my Teddybear Augustus. Mom made him for me. The soles of his feet are made out of an old Army unifrom from Dad. They used to have beige shirts back then & the color matched his fur perfectly.
His eyes are made out of two old and slightly rusty shoe buttons from our buttonbox. He is wearing a knitted bordeaux vest with pretty glass vintage buttons, also from the buttonbox & a faded blue crochet overall. He's also got a straw hat on his head, I think it makes him look like a gardening bear :D He's got that real well-loved look about him, doesn't he?!
I remember mom making him many years ago. She had searched a long time for some patterns & finally found one we liked. Sadly it had some mistakes in it and mom had to use her magic to still make it a bear with the correct proportions. Later we both made a bunch more teddy's together. Non of which we kept, we donated them to a good cause.
I couldn't part with Augustus though, we've been through a lot & he's so familiar. Like part of the family almost, well not quite family but... he's special. We have always had such good times together, crafting and sewing. While sipping tea and chatting away...
On my wooden shelf there's also a cross stitch picture about buttons, another creation of my mother. And an old pudding case with a hole in it & some white candle holders in the shape of a horse. I think it looks really pretty together and I am very happy with my new heart "garland".
With so much time spend sewing I made a few simple dinners for us. Simple does not mean that it's not delicious, but you know: easy to make. One of my favorite things to "cook" is a kidney bean salad. I found the recipe in an old weightloss book & it looked really good. I tried it out, perfected it to our taste & have made it more often after that. We all liked my version of it and it's healthy, what more can you ask for?!
Just chop up 3 tomatoes, some spring onions, an orange, a bell pepper and a red onion. Mix them with two cans of kidneybeans & add the peel + juice of a lemon. Leave to absorb flavors in the fridge for a few hours & enjoy :)
I'm looking forward to Sunday! My friend S. has invited me to her house & we are making our own vegetarian sushi. Going to be a lot of fun :D
So, what do you think about my bunting? Do you still have your old Teddybear? Ever made a kidneybean salad?
Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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