donderdag 14 februari 2013

St. Valentine

Happy Valentine !
As you probably know, as well as I do, it's Valentine's day today. In the shops everything is pink or red, dozens of roses and billions of hearts...

Everyone seems to encourage you to buy perfume or boxes filled with chocolates. But we don't really celebrate Valentine's day here at Pale Rose Cottage.

Today is also a day where mom has to see two doctors in hospital for her health issues. Dad has got to get his second treatment for his bad foot. All things that don't add to the romantic feel of the day.

Oh well, I am of the opinion that you need to show people you care everyday & not just on valentines or something.

Daddy and I did have a few love hearts with our tea early this morning. I picked one out that said kiss me. It had a strawberry flavor. Loaded with sugar off course, so not that great on the teeth. Must remember to brush with extra care today ;)

Didn't plan to do anything special for February 14, but I found two snapped-off roseheads on the carpark of our local supermarket. I picked them up & mom placed them in a glass teacup. (See first picture) They looked pretty and I enjoyed them. But when the edges of the petals turned dark I found it a shame to throw them away just yet. I decided to re-use their petals just a little while ago...

I made an ice mandala, I got the idea after seeing one in a magazine. It's super easy to do & great fun. Take the leaves of a rose and scatter them in a shallow bowl of water. Add a piece of string (this will be the hanger) and lay it on the side, make sure it forms a loop but don't submerge the loop completely in the water. It needs to be functional after all. Stick the bowl in the fridge and let it turn to ice. If it's a bit frozen, add some more water to trap the whole petals in it & let it freeze again. Then take it out of the bowl and hang outside for all to enjoy. Here's what mine looks like. I'm holding it up in this picture, so the light can shine through it & you get the full effect.

Isn't it pretty? After taking this picture I hung it in our Ginko tree. It's been there for a while and is still looking good. Probably because it's so cold outside :) That's it for now, hope you have a very happy Valentine's day & I'll be back here soon with a new post.

What are you doing today? Got something special planned on Valentine? Ever made an ice mandala? Do tell!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Today I became an e-mail from a friend and she wrote:

    People call it Valentine's Day, I call it Thursday.

    Your Valentine's Day is looking fine, have a good day!

    The selfmade ice-mandala is very nice!

  2. The ice mandala is so unique! I love it :)


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