dinsdag 26 maart 2013

Birthday Party

My sister celebrated another Birthday yesterday. So we packed her cards, gifts and birthday cookies up & drove to her home real early in the morning...

The weather wasn't as sunny as we would have liked, it was super cold. The mood was positive and we where all looking forward to seeing her again & having a little party. Since she had to move for her job we see less of each other. So yes mom, dad and I where all excited to spend some time together, again.

I got my sister some make-up, a special heart-shaped soap that smelled of honeysuckle & some money for her to get something of her own choice. She is not the easiest person to shop for. Our perception of beautiful items, or fun things is very different. I never know what to get her as a present. She doesn't like novels or crafting materials like me, she likes clothes and girly stuff... But all very different from what I would choose personally. I decided to play it save and be less original. She seemed to like my choices so that was good. While we sat down for tea she noticed that her teapot was broken, so perhaps she can go shop for a replacement?

Mom and Dad got her a grey leather handbag, a pretty card, fluffy gloves, white chocolate and something from Ikea. From her boyfriend she got a pretty ring & from her girlfriends make-up, jewelry and a crochet pattern book. So there where loads of presents for a special girl.

On Saturday she had already celebrated her birthday with her friends so now it was just us plus one. I was wearing a white frilly blouse with a tweed jacket, similar colored pants, polka dot scarf and my brown ankleboots. For a moment I had considdered to wear my burgundy dress, the one you might have seen me wear when I made sushi, but I opted for comfort rather than style. I did have to sit and travel in the car for quite some time after all.

Above a picture of my happy pig cookie mold. Isn't he gorgeous?! I had never used him before, he was a small present from my parents some time ago. The mold has been on display in my bedroom for a while but for some reason or another I never got round to using him as an actual cookie mold. It seemed ages ago that I baked some cookies, but what better excuse than a Birthday to do it?!

On the internet I found the website of these particular cookie molds and they had a few recipes on it aswell. I chose the snickerdoodle recipe and got to work. It asked for golden syrup and in our pantry we still had a sealed jar that was more than happy to come out of hibernation and be put to good use.

It was a nice dough and the cookies came easily out of the mold. This is before they went in the oven & you can really see that they are pigs :) They smelled nice and I hoped they turned out ok.

Sadly one broke after baking, when I intended to transport it onto a wire rack. But no worries, I taste tested it & can happily report that these snickerdoodles are delightful ;) Pity you can't have a bite.

My sister seemed to like the Birthday Pigs & she put them on the table full of yummy snacks, a cheese plateau and nibbles. We talked a lot and laughed together. We had a lovely lunch that my sister prepared for us & time always goes so much faster when you want the day to last forever.

The doorbell rang while we were there and some gorgeous flowers were delivered. Seen in the first picture, above some of the Birthday cards she got. "Hundreds" of texts came & she sure wasn't forgotten.

We left in the evening. It was a very nice Birthday party and I'm hoping that my sisters schedule will allow her to come to our cottage for Easter. We still have so much to talk about. Also I plan to bake that Kulich, her having a taste (aswell) would be lovely.

When we arrived at Pale Rose again the moon was full and illuminating the sky. Somehow it seemed a very fitting end to a fun and festive day.

Speak to you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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