woensdag 20 maart 2013

Pemberley, Collecting & a Courgette Flan

I started my day with a nice cup of Chai tea. I'm almost through all the spices to make it, that's how often mom and me have drank it lately. Our milk-foamer works overhours ;) No, but I do love the Chai's warmth and the foam adds a touh of luxury...

After such a great start of the day I decided to spend some time being creative & glued some pictures. I have a little (scrap-) book in which I glue all my favorite pictures. If I see a photo that I like, I cut it out of the magazine & stick it in with the rest of the pictures. I started collecting pretty photo's when I was a kid.

Then I chose bunnies or elephants and cats. Now I pick interiors, food or fun things I simply enjoy. I no longer have all those scrapbooks, didn't really like the pictures anymore & they took up a lot of space. Pale Rose Cottage isn't the biggest place in the univers, so choices have to be made about what to keep.

My little book of loveliness is almost full & I might need a new one soon. The edges of the pages are already starting to curl up. I've looked at them often, like a mini magazine in which I love every shot. Here's what I collected over time and glued in today: 

I really like the words on the staircase & the bundle of lavender. We have a large lavender plant in our garden here at Pale Rose & I always can't wait for it to flower again. The scent is simply amazing & I have a brilliant recipe for Lavender cupcakes :D

After I glued all my pictures, it was time for lunch. Mom had asked me if I could make my courgette flan. It's pretty easy to make and we all like it, so of course I would. You just make the dough and roll it out ever so thinly on a greased baking sheet. This is the hard part. Spread sourcream over the surface of the dough and decorate it with thinly sliced courgette, onions and grated cheese. Salt & pepper to taste and pop it in the oven for fifteen minutes, 220 degress celcius...

This is what it looks like when it comes out. Basically it's a large square pizza with a very thin crust. We all had two slices and a cup of tea. A very nice lunch I thought, we should make it again sometime soon.

You might remember that I wrote about entering a writing competition with my story about Darcy & Elizabeth, a year after their wedding. My story has been published online by now. As have the tales of several other contestants. I enjoy reading their take on what happens with the famous couple. I did get a few nice comments on my story so perhaps others liked it too...

Thinking about the Darcy's has inspired me to start a new craft project. I'm often searching the web for ideas or great pictures (Austen-) related. On one afternoon after browsing a bunch of sites I spotted a picture of a really nice house or estate & underneath they had written the words:

My Heart Belongs At Pemberley

Which I loved, I wrote the sentence down & then looked up some free cross stitch alphabet patterns. I chose one I liked and started to embroider the letters on a piece on linnen fabric with red.

I added three little hearts underneath & rather liked it. First I made it into a little cushion. For in our Christmas tree perhaps? But it didn't look right and it was a bit lumpy. So I took the cushion apart again & then remembered that I still had some red linnen fabric left over. You know from mom's homemade tea towels...

I held it next to the cross stitched piece of Pemberley & it was an almost perfect match.
What luck! I cut a few rectangels of red linnen and some more plain linnen. Then I stitched them together in the simplest of fashion and behold, my new "Pemberley" wall hanging. Here it rests on the couch:

Isn't it cute, I like it's simplicity and think it looks a lot older then it actually is. As if it's been here at Pale Rose forever, which is a good thing as far as I'm concerned.

So, what's been happening with you? Do you collect pictures for a scrapbook? Like Courgette or Chai tea?  Make Austen inspired crafts?

See you soon,
Jo's Daughter

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