woensdag 6 maart 2013

Regency Cameo's & Writing about Darcy

It's no secret that I love the Regency & anything that I associate with it. Books, films, clothes and cameo's, they all draw me in. Collecting items that give me that sense of bliss is not easy. They tend to be expensive or only available in faraway places. So how fabulous is it, to be able to make something myself?

I found a free pattern online for Regency silhouette Christmas ornaments, printed it out & was over the moon.

Time passed, Christmas came & went without me starting to make them. December is always a busy month and lots was happening. Then a little while ago I sorted through my fabric pile, collected some felt scraps and started crafting. The cameo pattern was already a bit creased, I had looked at it many times and put it back with the other projects I still intend to make. Now my hands where itching to get going with this Regency treasure :)

Above a picture of my wooden sewing box. My great-grandfather made this & it was passed down to me. He used it for important papers and a few coins. I filled it with ribbons, sewing needles, thread and other bits and bobs. The beautiful pin cushion with the cherries was a gift from my mom. She made it for me a long time ago & I always use it, the stitches are super tiny and I can't believe she did them so neatly! Love it, but let's get back to the cameo's.

Mom had asked me why I would make them in Christmas style, with holly and such on them. Why indeed? I would love to have these on the wall 365...

The felt colors changed from red and green, to grey and white. The background I would make a royal blue, because the zigzag band I owned was that color. Me being a tad frugal I did not want to buy a different shade when the blue one would be left lying in my sewing basket. Who knew if they would turn out ok? But blue is not a bad color.

I worked on them for many hours, pricked my finger a few times. Sipped loads of Ceylon and had a little bit of chocolate, in the end it was all worth it. Because haven't they turned out pretty? I really love them :D Here's a close up of my favorite handmade cameo, I love the "flower" on her hat:

Working on them totally put me in an "Austen-mood". I felt like curling up on the couch and watching a scene or two of S&S, but I didn't. You see I've been busy with other things. Better said I've been writing, not here on my blog but, I've written a story for a writing competition. On a Dutch Jane Austen website they have this contest. You had to write a story of max 500 words about Darcy&Elizabeth. What would they do on their 1 year wedding anniversary...

I wrote and wrote some more & finally I finished my story. It's going to be published on said website soon, then in April visitors can vote on their favorite story. Three people can win a prize, but I feel already like a winner as my tale will be shown there & that's special to me. I'm hoping to get a response from a visitor. I'm curious what they think of it :)

The mail brought an envelope from J&H. They send us a card, some bookmarks & for me a set of beautiful Monet stamps. J said they were a gift as she knew how much I appreciate Monet's work. So sweet of them! They are not stamps to put on the envelop as payment, but more to use as a pretty seal, to close the envelope with. Not that I am going to use them for that, they are far too nice to send away. I'm going to be greedy and keep them all to myself ;) Aren't those waterlilies the best...

Well, that's it for now. It's been lovely this week. Sewing and sushi making on Sunday & spending time with my family...

What have you been doing? Anything fun, or have you been creative? Do you like (fabric) cameo's?

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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