zondag 10 maart 2013

Signs of Spring & Fun Finds

Seeing the very first snowdrop appear in the emptiness that is our winter garden feels special to me. And seeing one means seeing two or three or ten. They are never on their own, as if they agree to pop their heads above the soil in unison. To see if spring is here already...

The day before yesterday we had such a sunny day, they opened their blooms and almost smiled. Today, like yesterday we have rain and grey skies all around. All flowers are closed and in contemplation. Much like myself in some respects.

But back to the snowdrops, they have new neighbors. A few crocuses have moved in or should I say moved up next door ;) The rain does not seem to scare them in the least and they are upright and upbeat.

All those lovely flowers of spring inspired us to start to decorate our nature table with a few flowers in a vase and a felt figure. My mom made many flowerchildren for us from felt and wool. All representing a different flower, she also made a really cute snowdrop from the pattern of Mieke Stender. Which you can see in the picture above. The rest of the nature table is still a bit empty but that will change soon I think. As spring is starting to awaken slowly but steadily.

We cleared out our cabinets here at Pale Rose Cottage (spring clean) & donated the items we no longer use to decorate our rooms. Armed with two large bags of donations we drove to the charity shop last Saturday. It was grey and rainy, the sound of the rain made the car feel somewhat enclosed to me. Though we chatted a lot and I tried to get distracted, I was glad to stretch my legs a little when we brought in our items.

The rain was lighter now and since we were at the charity shop anyway, I asked mom if we would go inside and have a look. We did go in & strolled along the racks in search of treasures in need of a new home.

It wasn't long before I spotted a fun object that made me smile. A plastic biscuit shaped coaster, for only 40 cents. I'm a huge fan of biscuits, always have been. As a child I loved them so much that my mom embroidered a biscuit on some fabric and framed it for me. I had it on the wall for years.
I recently spotted a cushion in the shape of a biscuit & had planned to try and recreate something like it myself. Should I find the suitable material that is. Now I would not have to go to so much trouble, as this coaster was fun and a real bargain. I popped it into my shopping basket and shopped some more.
There were a lot more people in the shop, but it wasn't so crowded that we could not see what was on sale. I wandered off ahead and then heard mom call my name. I walked over to her and my heart got a tad lighter when I realized what she was holding up for my inspection. It was a small wooden, almost bell like, item with a pretty carving of an acorn on the bottom of the stamp.
Yes, it was a butter mold, to make little individual sized butter rounds with the acorn imprint in them. See picture below:
What a gem & very reasonably priced. My mom is always good at finding fun things among the mass on offer. I had completely overlooked it, but was glad that she had not. This too went into my basket and I was already looking forward to trying it out. Maybe a great thing to do for Easter.
When my tummy told me it was getting close to lunchtime, we paid for our two treasures and left the store as very happy ladies. What a nice morning it had become. Funny how it doesn't take much to turn a day around to one of the pleasant kind.
On the way back I was silent and daydreamed of the olden days, of cooking & of our upcoming Easter celebration.
Do you have any snowdrops in your garden? Like biscuits? Or have you been treasure hunting at the charity shop? Don't be shy and tell me all about it.
Till next time,
Jo's Daughter

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