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What to expect on a Sushi Sunday

Sunday afternoon I went to my friend S's house. She had invited me and my sister to come over and make sushi together. I had never had (or made my own) sushi before. Didn't really know what to imagine by the idea of veggie sushi. But luckily S. has two recipe books full of lovely suggestions. She also had loads of vegetables to experiment with...

I'm not really familiar with Japanese cooking. Also I am not a BIG fan of rice, but I was in for a pleasant surprise. Gosh, the last two sentences rhyme :) No need to be alarmed, I did not sample any sake ;) It's just early in the morning & I haven't eaten any breakfast yet.

We looked through the cookery books in search of inspiration. And since our friend had already marked several pages, it was easy to pick out favorites and start cooking.

I began with dicing up a pumpkin, cucumber, bell pepper, shiitake's and some spring onions. In the meantime S. made the rice and my sister did the tofu and eggs. S. had borrowed a special rectangle pan from her mom, to make the omelet in the proper size ready for rolling.

Everything took a long time, but I hardly noticed this as the company was great and the atmosphere pleasant. We placed everything on the table, wet our hands with water and started assembling the sushi. First I made a roll that would later be cut up in slices. This one seemed the easiest to do. I made it with rice, tofu, cucumber and a little mayonnaise. It was a bit tricky at first, but I managed to get a pretty goodlooking round cylinder.

Then I tried an egg roll. The omelette could not be rolled up too tight, as it would break. But making a roll was not the hard part. Binding it off with a spring onion. Those are not made for knotting I think. But I managed it and rather liked my shiitake filled egg.

Next up a, sort of, sushi cone. I put too much filling into this one. I suppose it's a delicate balance between getting a nice stuffing or having it all pour out when you bite into it.

Then we made cabbage balls. A ball of rice with some avocado and tofu in it, wrapped in blanched cabbage leaves. We placed all our sushi on pretty square plates & as S. is good with knives, she did the honor of slicing them up. At this point the pumpkin, boiled in miso soup and dressed in parsley was also ready and we could enjoy our dinner.

I stayed well away from the wasabi, I had a little taste of the stuff once and it went up my nose. But I did have soy sauce & the sushi we made tasted absolutely delicious. I'm not sure what I had expected at first. But it wasn't just rice and a few veg, it was simply yummy! So I enthusiastically ate up my whole share of sushi & pumpkin.

When we all had full stomachs and a smile on our face it was movie-time. I had brought with me my new DVD, What to expect when you're expecting. You see, Dad got a Ladiesnight gift bag this week. Don't look so surprised... He did not attend a ladies night!

He got it, when he bought some shampoo and bandages for his badly burned hand at the drugstore. They asked if he wanted a bag with his purchases, he said yes. When dad opened the bag at home to take out his new stuff... there it was. A bright red giftbag with popcorn and a DVD, see picture below:

S had mentioned we might still have time to watch a film & this was a movie I still wanted to see. My sister was also up for seeing it. S. had not said to me that she had seen the film already so I popped it into my purse to come prepared. Turned out she had not seen it, though her mom had gotten a similar gift bag. It was a lovely surprise getting the DVD, what a nice thing to get unexpectedly. Thank you store!

So we sat down with some more tea sweetened with honey & enjoyed the film. The night fell and S. gave us a lift home. Well... a lift to Pale Rose Cottage, my sister still had a train to catch to her house. I had an awesome time on Sunday & never would have dreamed that making sushi would be SO much fun.

I had taken a few sushi's and a little bit of pumpkin home with me in a Tupperware box. For mom and dad could try it. I'm interested to see what they think, mom loved the photo's I just shared here with you. Maybe she and I will make some homemade sushi one day :D

Have you ever made your own sushi? What kind? Have you seen: What to expect when you're expecting?

Until next time,
Jo's Daughter

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