woensdag 24 april 2013

Sheep, Dandelions & A Handmade Bag

There isn't much that goes to waste here at Pale Rose Cottage. My grandmother came from a family that did not have a lot of resources. Then there was the war & times where always hard for the family. Grandma learned early on that it can be really useful to repurpose materials for other things. A great lesson she passed on to my mother, who kindly introduced me to it aswell...

So when we talked about wanting to make another "sewing" bag & in that same morning discussed that the rose printed tablecloth (on our coffee table at that exact moment), was looking a little bit dated. It came naturally to me that the two things (or should I say subjects) combined would result in a possibly magical new project. The idea brought a smile to our faces and our hands where itching to get started. Here's a shot of the tablecloth which has been around for a number of years:

I don't know if you remember, but I told you about our new sewing bag a little while ago. You know, the orange one made from the fabric of Ikea... Anyway, the pattern was really good & I managed to figure out how to sew it together. Then mom said one morning that she would like to make another sewing bag just like it. So that was the plan for this week.

Small square floral tablecloths are something you don't see so much nowadays. Nor is it something I am particularly crazy about. But the fabric, which reminds me of a botanical print is still really nice! A linen base color with pink rosebuds and swirly green branches. Classic and perfectly fitting of our cottage, so it was time to say bye bye to the tablecloth & hello to the sewing bag.

Mom did most of the work, she did ask me a bit about the order of sewing steps. She still has an infection and it makes her a little sleepy and forgetful. I was more than happy to help & just like the orange bag, this became a two person project. All the more fun.

This bag was not completed in a day, unlike the orange one. The material turned out to have a surprising side-effect. You would cut the right shape & two seconds later the fabric had grown in certain places and shrunk in others. A nightmare to say the least. The edges had lost their crispness and the bag had to be made into a slightly smaller size then we had planned. There was no other way, I guess it wasn't linen after all.

It made things more complicated and we had to re-do things on a number of occasions.
We lined the bag with a lavender linen look-a-like material. It was a long and thin strip of fabric & so we had to do a little patchwork at the bottom to make it fit. But in the end we succeeded. We are delighted with our new sewing bag with rose print. Above is a picture of the finished bag, isn't it lovely? I really like it & mom gave it to me. I put my knitting in it, so that ChloĆ« and Charlotte cannot reach it. They are crazy about wool and the smell of sheep awakens their instinct :) The girls are always trying to "steal" a ball of yarn. No such luck with this new addition.

I'll add a picture of some dandelions. My mom loves these flowers and calls a dandelion a little sun. She went for a walk and when she passed a field of dandelions could not resist picking a few. We placed them in a jar and I think they do look like a bunch of sunshine :)

Tomorrow my friend S. is coming over for tea. We might be baking a little treat to go with it. Or watch a movie together after we've catched up. I'm looking forward to it!

What have you been doing this week? Done any sewing? Do you reuse materials to create other items? Tell me all about it! Always looking for idea's...

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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