vrijdag 26 april 2013

Afternoon Tea & Celeriac Soup

I took my time picking out an outfit to wear on Tuesday. As I would be receiving a guest for tea later in the afternoon. My friend S. would be coming and I decided on my rose printed cardigan with almost matching trousers. No the pants do not have roses printed on them, but the color is pretty much the same & it goes really well together.
There is no need to be nervous or to dress up, but I just wanted to look and feel good. I had not seen her since we made sushi together & I was looking forward to it...

She is always right on time. So when I glanced out the window of Pale Rose Cottage, I spotted her walking towards our front door. We sat down for tea and chocolate straight away and started chatting.

She showed me a poetry book which she is designing and it looked really good. S. is a creative person and we have much in common. We talked about a ton of things, she recently visited a lot of museums with her family & it sounded like they had an amazing time admiring Vincent van Gogh's blossoms, Tutankhamun's treasures and vintage photos of the 1920's.

Which I absolutely love, I have a few photos of my great-grandmother and my grandmother as a child from the 20's & they are great. Both look really serious and had their portrait taken in a photographer's studio in the big city. It was something really special for them. Now I'm always taking my own pictures (for this blog) and it's all digital and part of a normal day for me.

After the first cups of tea we went in the kitchen and baked muffins together. I had decided to make muffins because it's a simple recipe and I've made them before. Doing something more complicated would demand our concentration and this way (baking something easier) we could talk more during the process.

We found out that we both had seen the film Iron Lady, I did before Margaret Thatcher died & S. saw it just after she passed. We had also planned to see a movie together that afternoon, but just spending time together was so cozy and fun that we just kept chatting & forgot about that.

We are a good team in the kitchen and in no time the muffins were in the oven and we sipped some more tea. This time we had green tea with lemon. It's a loose leave tea that my sister gave us once as a present. My mom was home too and asked at one point what S. had planned for dinner.... Nothing yet, so we invited her to stay on and join us.

When the oven bell rang we took out the muffins and they smelled really good. So good in fact that the first muffin we ate was still warm. It was lovely!

I told her about all the crafty things I made since I saw her last & she liked the bags I had made over time. She told me about her bunch a fabrics at home & that she would love to turn them into a shopping bag. But S. does not own a sewing machine... We agreed that a sewing day would be a fantastic idea & we will plan one soon here at Pale Rose.

For dinner I had made a new recipe: Apple and Celeriac soup. It's a recipe from the Hairy Bikers & I had seen them cook it on their show. I enjoy the program as it gives a lot of information and has beautiful scenes of the English countryside. For some reason I had not really cooked anything by them before. They do a lot with meat or fish. When I spotted a celeriac at the greengrocer for a reasonable price, I decided to give it a go.

So all this:

Turned into a bowl of this:

Everybody enjoyed the soup. I left out the bacon for me, but those who eat meat had some on the top. I had spring onions. Then before I knew it the time for our guest to leave had come. S. had a French class to attend & she did not want to be late. We said Au Revoir & waved goodbye. It was such a pleasant afternoon. I'm already wondering about what I'm going to sew on our sewing date. I still have a lot of projects in my head dancing around ;)

Do you enjoy having people over for tea? Ever made a celeriac soup? Or enjoy muffins? Share!

Best wishes,
Jo's Daughter

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  1. Hey it was a really great day again :D
    I'm looking forward to our next 'date'!

  2. PS: it was a nice cardigan indeed, it looked good on you :)

  3. Me too! I've already selected some fabrics and thinking up new projects :)


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