woensdag 10 april 2013

Feathers, Sewing & Spring Delights

When we were out walking in the village where Pale Rose stands, mom found a few feathers. They looked good, so we took them home for the girls. We put them in our felted basket, alongside some duck eggs and a pinecone. Then, Chloë spotted them and her natural instinct took over...

She grabbed a feather and played with it, licked it and made some silly cat noises. In the background of the photo you can see Charlotte in her wicker basket, looking at her big sister and wondering what's going on. I thought Chloë looked really cute, getting all excited about her feather. She absolutely loved it & I managed to take this funny picture of her, adorable don't you think?

This is a picture of our grape hyacinths. They smell absolutely divine! Such a pity you can't smell them on your computer. These are some of my favorite flowers & I have a great memory that always comes to mind when I think of these pretty bulbs. Many years ago when my grandmother was still with us she would come to visit us on a regular basis. On one such an occasion she surprised me with a bunch of grape hyacinths, wrapped in brown paper and with a pretty ribbon attached. She had added a cute card and written a  message on it. It was a small gesture, the flowers came from her garden, that had a huge impact. It made me feel like a really special girl. I think that's when these flowers became some of my favorite flowers in the world. Though I have many favorites, I must admit. They remind me of grandma and her kind soul.

I had some cookies today that I wanted to show you. Dad had gotten them for me and I had never had these before. The had a lemony creamy filling & looked pretty. I placed them on a vintage plate with a yellow border and doesn't this picture just scream springtime? Not my favorite cookies to eat, but they looked really nice.

I helped my mom with some sewing this week. We borrowed a craft book from the library and in the book there was a pattern for a bag. Mom liked its simplicity and could see it being useful as a sewing bag. To transport or keep her craft projects save from little playful cats. She asked me if she could use my orange fabric, the one I got for my birthday. I had not made any plans with this material yet & it was off course not a problem. We share everything my mom and me. So I was excited about her project and offered to assist her a bit.

We had a cup of tea and got to work. I read the pattern a few times, but it wasn't written in an easy way. I'm sure the fault was mine, but I decided to just stick to measurements and use my own knowledge of sewing to figure it out. I have made bags before and this was not a complicated one to make. The fabric was nice and sturdy and just about enough for this pattern. We used a different material as a lining. We sewed all afternoon, well mom did & I assisted. This was the result of a creative and cozy half day:

If you inspect the first picture on this post, the one with Chloë and the feather. You can spot a tiny bit of orange in the upper left corner. That is our new bag, just finished and hanging on the wall. We already tried it out as a "container" of mom's current knitting project. It is big enough and the strap fits comfortable over the shoulder. So I think she will have a lot of use value with this orange tote. It really brightens up our cottage this color & gives you energy.

To end todays post I'll add a picture I like of some willow branches in our bright yellow vase. Look closely, it's a matching teabag :D How funny is that.

Why don't you tell me what you're favorite thing about spring is. The flowers, the colors, the young animals... Would love to know.

All the best to you,
Jo's Daughter

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Awww! What a sweet present from your grandmother! We have a whole lot of grape hyacinths growing in our yard. They do smell absolutely divine.

    Your kitty looks adorable! I love how cats will sit so funny like that when they're excited. It makes me laugh. :D

  2. Spring is our favorite time of the year.
    Especially the colors and scents of the flowers.
    We can not wait for the flowers to bloom and we will enjoy the sun.
    We wish you a nice springtime this year!

  3. What a gorgeous garden you must have Grace! Wish I could take a little look :)

  4. I wish you a wonderful spring aswell, hope you get to enjoy the sunshine soon :D Today has been a bit grey but yesterday we had a little bit of sun here in the village where Pale Rose stands.

  5. Hi I really like it that the fabric has gotten a beautiful purpose now!
    The bag looks great :)


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